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Thread: Let's make map guides for Thievery Maps for N00bs!

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    Originally posted by mOdEtWo
    I was just wondering, how is this project going? Any guides done yet?

    Btw, has anyone made (or are someone planning to make) a guide/walkthrough for Aquatone?
    Theivery map guide from ages ago, I think it has a walkthrough/guide to Aquatone.

    You guys are welcome to use my stuff in your guides (as long as I get credit) but you might have to ask the others who donated to that thread.

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    GEROME: 90% ready!

    Sorry for delaying so much but Tisfulakistakagela and me wanted the guide to be cool and understanding for new people.

    So, the guide is split in two: Thieves guide and Guards guide.

    Thieves: It shows all the random loot locations, objective locations, complete map layout of the 1st & 2nd floor of the mansion as well as outside area, all the possible routs a thief can take to compromise the place, tips for using the thieves' equipment in-game and about 19 jpegs highly commented by Tisfulakistakagela.

    Guards: It shows the overall map describing in detail the four major locations, all the possible entrances thieves may use and the most effective way of securing them. Tips for using correctly and efficiently the Guards' equipment in-game. It features about 19 jpegs highly commented by me.

    The guide is in .doc and .htm (recommended) format, but we'll let you decide which one fits you.

    I believe that very soon we will be able to give it to Thwark.
    P.M. me if you have any questions.

    P.S. now you know the reason why we don't play Thievery that much these days! We work hard dammit!

    To Thwark: We will not enter the standard AI patrol routes. You know as well as I do that the Guard players rarely leave an AI in his default patrol area, so it would be worthless to do so. It is only useful in the Single Player mode but we want the players ON-LINE!

    To everyone else: Hi guys! Sorry for being off-line so long! cu IN-GAME s00n!

    To my mom: Mom, when I get home I want a pizza and a coke next to my computer.

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    Good work, Guard_Master!

    Seymour_Gibbs, fancy adding an annotated map to polish off those posted guides?
    Project Lead,
    Thievery UT.

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    Sure, If I can locate my copy of UT... Ill get back to you midweek because Im kinda busy through till Tuesday night but It shouldnt be too much trouble.

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    Seymour! I didn't know you were still around.

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    I just came back to check the latest version and now Im roped in to doing map guides...

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    Theatre= finished

    I've finished the theatre guide..

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    I would like to make a guide for this lovely little map called "Bourgeoise" after Christmas. Can I do this without the fear to destroy the dreams of all the other Bourgeoise-fans?

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    I'm still busy with the Korman guide, but with the whole version 3 thing coming up, I'm afraid I'm going to have to rweork the whole damn thing
    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro..."

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    I have maps made for Aquatone Patched, Gerome, and Nostalgia HERE.
    nice looking maps!

    Now how can we get that map into the game so we can use the icon feature to show where we all are.

    Why are so many levels being made without maps or at least readible maps? Thats the real issue. Forget guides.. we need maps

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    there aren't maps for all of them because maps were not made for all of them prior to release. it isn't a simple task of "plop, THERE'S your map!" to stick the bugger into the game.

    his maps may be nice, but if they aren't exact, they aren't useful in the game at all.

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    Hi Master Thwark,

    I hope my maps would be accurate......I took them right from UnrealEd, and then basically traced right over the schematic of the layout.

    Vesper..........who last time she checked was a she and NOT a he.

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    should be accurate

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    happens to me all the time too in here thwark.. for some reason when i feel compelled to use an adjective describing a person.. i always say he.. and it always turns out to be a she! from now on.. you are all she's!

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    So where is it?

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    dont know... maybe we all have to wait till some guides are ready though to put them into the site... I m not the author

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    Should we consider the guide project as "frozen"? I haven't seen much interest on the players' side...

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    i've gotten two complete guides in to go, but i'd rather not make an update until i've got at least a couple more. there hasn't been much interest, it seems.

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    If you want us, me and Tisfulakistakegela will make some more. It's the least we can do for you people who made this great game. The dev team rocks!

    (just tell us which is the other map not to do it twice )

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    the other map i've got a guide for is Theatre. I was sent a guide for DE, but it needed a bit of work yet. I've not gotten solid confirmation on any other map, though.

    if you can do some more, we'd really appreciate it

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    I would really appreciate map guides! I'm still rather a noob-- well, I've been playing for a bit, but I just don't practice enough. Thank you to everyone helping

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