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Thread: Flying potion!

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    Flying potion!

    Okay, thieves have such a big disadvantage in the game. This is what happens in everygame : Guard: Where is he Thief: hehe Guard: Look i heard a door open across the map Thief:OOOoo Guard: There he is corner him Thief: Fart! Guard: haha Thief: ooh Guard: boom bang thief: ooh thief: uhh uhh ugh guard: die ye taffer tea theif: plz stop guard: you know you like it thief: get that out of there guard: no little girl you like it thief: i mean get your sword out guard: k thief: thanks thief has left the game

    In conclusion, there should be a flying potion for theives like that cool ad where the guy is falling out of the plane and they talk about it then they hit the ground and the guy is like it is too late for the body for it certainly lifted our spirits! hahahah they say that. make the texture of the potion look like that then the thief drinks it and can fly for about ummm 1 minute and then the guards have to shoot him down like you shoot planes down with AA turrets in bf1942 bf1942 is a cool game have you tried desert combat the jets are soooo freaking fast and the helecopter is so buggy but then in the regualr bf1942 you can use the blood patch which is helpful because you can see if you hit them.

    sorry if i went offtopic by i just get off track because i was just wafting through the goodenss of bf1942 !
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    I speak english, could someone translate that?

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    Cool, you play BF1942, Pippy? How long you been at it?

    And how is the helicopter buggy in Desert combat? I hadn't noticed any problems.

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    What was that all about?!

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    /me comes out of hiding to say:

    Stupidest suggestion ever. Do you realize how much work it would take? Every single level would have to be remade to allow that.

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    been playing bf1942 since it came out it is fun eh helecopter is nonworking in multiplayer games it laggy it good idea because you make potion tik no creditrs n you fly througjh wals

    EDIT: n been playing since multiplayer demo came out!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

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