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Thread: So, where can I buy this ?

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    So, where can I buy this ?

    Looks interesting. Where did all of you buy your copy? Who now carry's this? Comp USA clueless.

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    Maria's shop has all sorts of merchandise...

    Not that this information will help you but here in Holland Arx was incredibly hard to find.

    I came across only one copy in a store that usually doesn't provide anything interesting... ever since I have been following Arx's availability, just to see whether the possible bombing of Arx should be acredited to JoWood's distribution "system".

    Basic conclusion thus far: Yes it can (be acredited to JoWood's distribution system) I haven't seen a copy since.

    Come on Jowood, I haven't come across 1 online advertisement for this gem. I know your credit status isn't the best, but it won't improve by not supporting your own titles

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    Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived in Australia yet either. Officially, stores were claiming that they were getting it on the 24th of November, but theres still no sign of it anywhere.

    At any rate, this topic is getting discussed in the Arx & Underworld forum.

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    i would recomend searching or something. u might find it easier to just order online

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    Lo and behold! claims to have it in stock.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I purchased my copy at Best Buy but I think the easiest place to find it would be at an Electronics Boutique. Good luck with Amazon!

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