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Thread: Akbaa stones

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    Akbaa stones

    Hello everybody,

    I am in the room where I must place the akbaa stones, I have one with me but I don't remember where the others are

    Have you some ideas of where they are (I don't want to visit all the levels again).
    If there is a method to have them all without visiting the levels (cheats for exemple...)

    PS: Great idea to have 3 bags to keep stuff but I realize that at the end of the game !

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    Two stones can be found in the Temple of Akbaa where you rescued the woman from being sacrificed.

    Another stone is held by the priest who attacks you by the entrance to the Ylside compound you're in now.

    One stone is hidden in a locked chest indisde the Ylside compound. You have to use a candle on something to find the key to it.

    Can't remember where stone 5 is.

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    Thanks for your help

    In fact the last one is in akbaa temple, a lich got it in his chest in a hidden room.

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