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Thread: How do you operate the Dwarven Forge?

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    How do you operate the Dwarven Forge?

    I have the 2 mithril rocks in the container of the machine with one stamper along with the koltk powder. The machine is powered up and when I hit the lever my character mumbles that something isn't right...

    So what steps am I missing here?

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    Did you put the items in the compartment next to the smasher and not under the smasher itself?

    Also make sure there isn't anything else in the compartment along with the mithril and Koltk.

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    Everything is in place and there is nothing but the Mithril and the koltk inside the box with the door that partially closes when you flip the lever.

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    I think the door should shut all the way if it's working correctly. Maybe one of your items isn't far enough into the compartment? Try putting it farther in...

    Let me know what happens!

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    That didn't help...

    I put the materials in the back of the container and the door still only closes 90% the way shut.

    Do I need to activate anything to work this machine aside from the power stone?

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    Is there supposed to be anything under the stamper?

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    No, the powerstone is sufficient to activate the machine and nothing should be under the masher.

    I'm afraid I'm about out of ideas. Could you be at the wrong machine? Is another machine in the room with two mashers and a middle shoot?

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    I have already used the other machine to make a metal two handed sword. I already had the metal bar. Worked like a charm.

    I just need to make a mithril bar...

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    I think it's a bug, others are having the same trouble.

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    Looks like it. The only other thing I can recommend is getting the 1.15 patch (which I'm sure you have). Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.

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    One of the developers helps at the Jowood forums.

    They have been taking save games and fixing the problem so it's a minor bug effecting a small amount.

    I started my game with the 1.15 patch.

    Thanks for any help.

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