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Thread: New Taunts!

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    Yes, more original Thief feeling sentences!

    Oh, the classic "It's a loooong way down" when you have fallen for a tcertain height?

    I think something like "Hah hah, SURPRISE!" would be useful in many different situations.

    Do we already have that "Don't think you can hide forever..."?

    And some whistling, coughing, sneezing, humming, belching... could be fun too.

    I can do voices with an unbeatable natural spanish accent too.

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    (.. and french guards).

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    I generally don't use taunts, personally. I usually play guard, and as a guard I tend to do it a wee bit sneakily. It doesn't happen very much, but every now and then I'll manage to sneak right up on a thief, or at least have a bit of surprise.

    Once I've found him, I tend to be concentrating on chasing, avoiding circle-strafing, and finishing him off.

    Still, I've always wanted to be able to use the "I'll turn you into a pin-cushion!" some of the AIs use.

    Actually, I take that back. A couple times the "Hmm, must have been rats" has been useful. If I've chased off a thief into hiding who doesn't realize I'm not an AI, I'll use that one then they'll come out thinking I'm an AI


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    What I would REALLY like to see are different voices for different guards. If you inhabit a German guard, for example, why should he quit sounding German just because you inhabit him?

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    Click on deathoftheparty.mp3

    I think you might enjoy it...

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    Also, being able to keybind speechtaunts would be a plus. Following Scoth's example, sneak upon the thief with charged mace, release, hit hit and taunt "Hah hah! SURPRISE!". (Taunt before the first hit or in between too if you trust your abilities).

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    i think they should keep the joel speech bc it's so funny

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    posted byKore_(V)acLeod
    Taunt: Moma said Knock you out!
    Taunt: I'm go'na Knock you out!
    Hey YA I agree ... directly sample from LLcoolJ song !
    BTW : [KYO] [Knock You Out] and we onwz you (like everyone say )

    And I/we at KYO could make french voices too... but i had a cold last week, dang would have been much funnier (very deep voice MUCHO MACHO `excuse my spanish or is it even... don't know i'm french `)

    Edit : and like Mr. K said !!

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    ...for those who saw those taunts I most humbly apologise. They have been removed. I knew not what I was saying in that phrase. Enough said.

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    "Are you Taffen me?"

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    how about ermmmm "Dalai i'll get you Dalai, You zipping,winrar,ownage *********************" (STILL MAD AT DALAI )

    "Alright! Who put my torch out!!!"
    "Oi! You could poke someones eye out with that thing!"
    "Hmmm Can I smell burning?"
    "Well,well there's something you dont see every day-a moving door handle"
    "You rotting mordengaard of a thief!"
    "Ah good!I always wanted a thief skin rug to keep out the drafts in this place"
    "Hmmm he's starting to smell a bit-when's the rubbish collection at this place"
    "uggh! he cratered-glad I dont have to clean up the mess"

    "We're cooking with crack now"
    "I'm going to flash you"
    "Stupid Bot!!! Stop relighting that torch!!!"
    "hmmm look's like i'm on the [E.D.G] here" (j/k)
    "Do you mind not hitting me there-i've not been well recently"
    "WoW! you could light torches with that breath"
    "Pffft-what a Benny!"
    "well,well a bouncing guard-Now there's something you don't see everyday"

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    LOL. Remember in Thief when you first heard this phrase? I was in the first level and I'd just knocked out a guard, with another guy nearby. He found the body;

    "Are you alright? No, no, 'course you're not alright..."

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    My favourite taunt in Thief2 was(if I remember correctly):

    "Curses!Like thine slippery snake he hath slithered away!"

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    I don't really care too much what they are as long as we can bind them.
    We need some classic lines from T2 like: "Musta been...some rookie." and "A-are you okay? No, of course you're not!"

    And more teamwork based ones for guards like

    "Stay alert! Some taffer was just here!"
    "He's over here! Chaaaarge!"
    "Aye aye, sir!"
    "Ha! You gotta be taffin me!"

    Female versions for female models would be cool too.
    Richard M. Nixon.

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    Yes, I agree we need useful ones that can be bound to single keys.

    I'm sure the Dev's can figure out what is useful in an urgent team situation...

    "I saw him", "Look out!", "Help" etc.
    Don't be afraid of the dark.
    Be afraid of what it hides.

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    - "Now look! You've gotten the master's carpets all bloody!"
    lol lol lol
    How silly
    This sentence made my grey day colourful

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    Originally posted by Nachimir
    Or perhaps bad french in a deep, gruff voice:
    "Qui est la papa ? Je suis la papa. Tu Ítes juste une petite

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    French Guard:

    Papa? Nicole!

    wonders how many people will get it

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    "Silly thief....swords are for guards!"
    "As surasu tave!" <-- bringing in more ethnic groups into the voice pack would be nice...

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    SNAFU's and NAUCChief' ones please!

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    "Curses!Like thine slippery snake he hath slithered away!"
    Heh.. I love the that one and when they call me a "Salamander!" I laugh every time.

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    I only ever got this one once...

    I ran up to a guard to BJ him (in thief, dark project), and he turned around!! I wacked him right in the face, and he reeled backwards and says

    " Ouch....Ouch!! Was that ...supposed to hurt!!

    His voice was the "Im going to the bear pits tomorrow, you wanna come with?" one...the older sounding one.

    IM good at that voice, too...
    Signatures? We don't need no stinking signatures.

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    How come the more I play the game ... the more and more sounds I start to hear the guards saying. I heard "My Feet...ze ache" & "Where'd he go" like over and over again in the beginning... then I started hearing "Zey say zings are happening, have you heard anyzing?" and then that got played over and over....

    Now I keep hearing the guards say "WHO CARES!" i was like what?! lol where are they getting more voices from. Does the game progress ?!

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    Check the UEd sound packs for the guard voices-there's hundreds of them that you hardly ever hear used in Thievery. "Put that right down and get ze hands in ze air"

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    One of my favorite ones from Thief II was said by a Benny who saw me with a body.

    "Drop........that, and put your hands UP!"

    Other things for Guards to say:
    "Come out now, and I'll only give you a warning...*low chuckle*
    "You're gonna see only RED when I'm done with you..."
    "I have a bottle of scotch to finish once I find you."
    "You'll be very, very sorry if I have to look for you..."
    "Ten o'clock and all's SNAFU'ed!"
    "Kill 'em first. Forget to ask the questions later..."
    "Let's try this again. Marco..."
    "It's not the size of your Mace...It's much you can SMASH with it."
    "Got Mace?"
    "Wish Captain Knecht could see me now!"

    "Whatcha looking for?"
    "This just isn't your day... but it's my night."
    "Huh... I'll give you three guesses..."
    "One lump or two?"
    "Still can't find me? I'll give you 3 guesses..."
    "I WILL make the tea tonight!"
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