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    27 56.25%
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Thread: How did YOU find out about Thievery?

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    Location: In transit
    First I found the Thief demo on a free CD, and bought it right away, wow, what a cool game!
    I then looked for other TTLG games, as I liked the sneaky first person role playing approach.
    So, Thief2, ThiefGold, SS1, SS2 and DeusEx followed...
    Then I started playing some Fan Missions, for both Thief1&2, and then found.... Thievery
    So far I have mainly played Thievery solo. I never fancied multiplayer before, but I'm trying, so be nice to me if you see me in game

    How the hell did I miss not joining the TTLG forums about 2 years ago, I just don't know

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    Location: The Netherlands
    I found thievery by my old game, Tactical Ops.

    I saw someone post something about tut getting released soon, in the TO forum, so i looked at the tut site, and though CO0()0OL ! So, i downloaded it ... and loaded up thievery!!!!


    But .... after 10 minutes, the intro finaly came .... and it needed 5 minutes to even load a map. So, i left the game alone. Like, 1 or 1.5 months later, i formatted my computer .... and reinstalled UT again. Then i remember tut, and tried it again. With succes. I could play the game normal and i loved it.

    So ... that was my story

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: Maryland, USA

    Re: =/

    Originally posted by Zante_the_one_eyed_p
    This TC is very badly advertised. I only found it after searching for about 3 days on the net for a medievil multiplayer FPS.
    BING! Thank you Zante, for being the first to point this glaring fact out!

    Developers, I hope you see this. This post is a little OT for this thread (maybe I'll post a new thread), but something should be done along the lines of PR and advertising. Submit a press release to gaming magazines across the world, get a spot on the Screen Savers on TechTV. Any kind of free advertisement you guys can get! Almost everyone likes the TUT community because it's so small, but on the other hand, I check out the servers and we have less than a dozen, and only one server has people on it.


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    Registered: Dec 2001
    Location: Finland
    I told oRGy that I'd actually beta test stuff.

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    whoa whoa whoa....

    who can honestly say that in thief they didn't KO a guard when they had the oppurtunity to, and no objectives restricted it? there sure as hell aren't any ghosting bonuses in the game.

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: France - Paris 14eme

    Thievery was incredibly underpimped in the Unreal community , only a few threads mention the total conversion at BeyondUnreal forums... Even if Ulukai and Nachimir are regular NaliCity forumers , it was Mxtrmntr who started the only thievery thread for our beloved mapping community.

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    ...a tag for Gamespy Arcade under the UT mods would be quite nice too...

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