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Thread: Will this run well on 56k?

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    Will this run well on 56k?

    Will Thievery run well on 56k?

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    If you get on a fine server with less than 300 ping, it'll be playable. It's not as fast and furious as CS or regular UT, you don't need to aim at a bunnyhopper's head half a map away from you, so you don't have to worry about those. It WILL be a little slow sometimes, but should be playable and enjoyable.

    Anyways, i'm a fanboy, i'm not going to tell you "No" unless it's flagrantly evident that it's impossible.

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    I have 56k (not a very good connection) but on servers I normally get from 100-297 ping (300-500 can happen but hardly affects the game) its when it reaches 501+ that ur just gonna have to try another server (btw try playing on servers near u it helps )

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    i have DSL and i get 100-300 ping also. so really, it's pretty much the same for all of us.

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    Yes. You can play very well at 56k.
    I connect at 38.4k, and I can play just fine (mostly).
    In fact, a little bit of lag can be a good thing with blackjacking guards. >
    Graphics monkey.
    Thievery UT.

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    But dont dismay CAUSE I SUCK ! ! !

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    I used to play on a 56k. BobTheDog still does. But now that I have DSL, we sometimes play at my place together using the DSL.

    Fuck, I LOVE my DSL.
    /me humps his computer.

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    56K plays just fine. Just make sure server ping is under 350....which won't be hard to do since thats where the peeps will be.
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    Hi there!
    I've got ISDN (64k damn it I never know whether(s? READ spelling? lol ) it's 'k' or
    capital 'K' but what I have is only 8k/K better)
    It will run well enough.

    So you haven't downloaded TUT yet?
    I'd download even if it's just for single player against AI guards or for
    occassinal(s?) LAN play.

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