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Thread: Sunday RLF Match Details

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    Sunday RLF Match Details

    There have been enough threads on this already, so I'll spare introdutory details. The challenging team has been assembled, and assuming they all choose to accept their positions, the following is the team that will be ghosting against the RLF on Sunday. And now, I present to you, the challengers: *drum roll*


    Alternate: Ordinator

    This was randomly selected with the aid of a single United States quarter from the list of interested ghosters, and my slot was no exception. Assuming he agrees, Ordinator will be serving as an alternate. If one of the team members can not make it, or is unable to stay for all three rounds or something comes up, he'll fill in for the absent member. I will be contacting everyone with PMs in the next couple minutes with more details.

    Server settings have mostly been decided (Still waiting for Gerbil to decide on the loot drop percect), and will be posted here when final. The match will be at 14:00 EST, 19:00 UTC, this Sunday, on the CTG private server. Password will be provided to competitors in a PM. Anyone interesting in spectating, post here, there will be free server slots. In addition, if the RLF could post here a list of their members who will be taking part in this, that would be nice.

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    I'd love to spectate (would someone who isn't a member of either guild be allowed to?)
    but I have exams Monday and Tuesday which I should better study for then.
    And I'm sure 3 games(will be played, right?) in a guild match will take a good deal of time. But when I could be on for just an hour or so I'd like to.

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    An impartial spectator might be nice, but I need to talk to Gerbil about spectators. The game will be 3 matches, but with a time limit of 30 minutes, the longest it could be is 90 minutes.

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    Server settings for this match will be:
    (Only important ones listed)
    AI Skill: Genius
    Percent Loot Dropped: 100%
    Starting Loot: Default
    Time Limit: 30 minutes

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    I just deleted this entire message I wrote, seeing how both questions I had (% loot drop and starting loot) were answered while composing the message. Thankyuh, thankyuh vurry much.


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    I'll make it exact, then:
    Thief Starting Loot: 600
    Guard Starting Loot: 850

    I believe those are the numbers that are used by default. I was also under the impression thieves had five lives on Nostalgia, which means that there would be one life to spare, as there will only be four thieves. So loot drop percect would make a difference.

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