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Thread: Heya! I'm new here and just stopped to say "Heya!"

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    Heya! I'm new here and just stopped to say "Heya!"

    Hi! I'm new here and I just wanted to say that this mod rocks and that you are all very nice people and that I will be very happy to play with all of you online and that I want to thank the dev team and I think that this is the best community ever and I really like Mad_Gerbil because he is nice and he accepted me in his guild and I really like Laughing Rat and Grank because they are trying really hard to keep one of the best servers around and I really like Omega because he is a very nice guy and cool and I really like Dalai because he personally told me "Good job" once and I really like Thwark because he is a very good admin and I really like DarkProject because I killed him twice in a row and I really like Tisfulakistakagela because he is my brother and I really like KoreMacleod and Mad_Bergil because they are my teammates and I really like BrokenArts because she has a cute nose and I really like Viktoria because she likes thievery and I really like fridae because she is my best buddy online and a very good guard and I really like Snafu because he is funny and sensitive and I really like Lurox because he is a tea-boy wannabe and I really like Guard_Master because I am he and I really like Stakhanov because he really tries hard and I really like Rob FILTH because he agreed with me about the guard taunts and I really like kewlazme because he invents funny guild names and I really like Bloody-Reaper can't remember why and I really like Katra because his idol is Dalai and I really like CrouchingDork for obvious reasons and I really like The Outrider unless he beats us in the upcoming event and I really like MrEricSir because he thinks FAGs can win the RLF and I really like NeoPendragon because he is a good player and I really like Yenzarill because he lives @ ‘st Ra'LŽur whatever that means and I really like SeEManN because he always enjoys a good joke and I really like the Chief for keeping us company and I really like DaBeowulf because he is an (AI) and I really like Buho because he has great ideas about the game and I really like mOdEtWo because I was misspelling his name as everybody and I really like PhaeThorn althoug he likes thieving and I really like BobTheDog because he is insane and I really like TheMachine because he is a good guard and I really like Vegeta because my brother likes him for being funny and I really like -=V12US=- because he discovers new aspects of the game and I really like Mogwort because his server rocks and I really like WildBill because although he is sometimes giving me a headache is a very nice guy and I really like Old_Joe for being the stronger example why the BJ radious should be drammatically decreased and I really like Frantic because I learned how to counter thieves by spectating him and I really like Onager because he is online right now and I really like Occam because he is still stuck on that fridge of his and I really like Unstoppable because he doesn't know when to stop and I really like Ghostly_ apparition because he lives in LA and I want to visit LA and I really like Biohazard because he voted Ghostly for the US team leadership instead of himself and I really like ElJoelio because he finds Thwark handsome and I really like Firetiger5 because the poor guy's computer kinda busted and I really like all of you TUT players, old and new because I'm having a great time playing this game and you are part of the game. I wanted to mention a little something about everyone here but I am seeing stars right now and I believe it's my head that's spinning. C U ONLINE!

    I hope you still like me for making you read all these. I just felt like posting it.
    Thou shalt be stopped by Fire and Steel. Thou shalt fall before The_Judge.

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    WOW n1 mate

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    The only thing he dislikes is punctuation.

    LoL, good post Judge

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    Did anyone actually read all that?

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    I did read through it, and I'm bored of being a wannabe on the dev team.

    Must... steal... Joel's... scripts...

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    Originally posted by LaughingRat
    Did anyone actually read all that?
    Yes me for example and it rocks. If you haven't you should do so, too.
    Omega: Can I please, pretty please with candy on top, get a "Best post ever" ?

    Edit: To make it clear as I noticed it wasn't. Of course for The_Judge's original post.

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    *I'm out of breath......* Welcome.

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    Judge, mind if I pull out a quote from there...or do you want it to stay secret?
    I may only be a 98 pound weakling, but when I put on armor and grab a sword, I feel like I could take on all the thieves in the world. But I suppose 98 pounds isn't bad for a gerbil.

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    quite possibly the nicest post i have read here,
    and a breath of fresh air from some of the posta lately.
    I especially like that he actually remembered me in there.


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    ‘st Ra'LŽur
    Ost Ra Leur
    Aust Ra Liar

    Just so you get the idea.
    Don't be afraid of the dark.
    Be afraid of what it hides.

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    **clap, clap, clap, clap,**

    HORRAY FOR JUDGE! Nice, long but nice and very verrryyy refreshing. Deffinatly worth the reading. w/ the stuff that goes on here sometimes, its nice to read something like that. I enjoy playing w/ u as well, specially since u was the first one to welcome me to the forums here. I think this kid needs some recognition. By the way, I was crackin' up w/ ure lack of puctuation use....
    !i>"A High IQ Doesn't Make Up For A Lack Of Common Sense"<i!

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