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Thread: Contest 4 the bar

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    Contest 4 the bar

    are the Ai supposed to be invisible ?? exept for the servant ?
    they could seeme but i can't see them and they can't hurt me either ...
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    I had the same problem . Finishing the mission was simply a matter of pulling a switch and grabbing the septre - most of the AIs were invisible .

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    In the readme it mentions that the level was made using DEDx, but none of the custom textures/meshes were included. This means that if you don't have Dromed Deluxe, you can't see any of the new AI, objects, or textures used in the mission. If you have DEDx, it works alright, except for a few blue walls in the "pit" viewing area.

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    I had the same problem. It was funny, the invisible AIs were after me and I tried to swing my balckjack in the air with little effect.

    What I liked about this mission was the starting scene. I liked the lighting and the scenery.

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    Try installing or reinstalling dromed deluxe - I had to reinstall it but afterwards it worked perfectly

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    I had a similar experience when I played Bussiness at Midnight TG FM without the Gold patch... invisible people were shouting and firing arrows at me, very funny... still haven't finished the mission.

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    I've got dromed deluxe I'm seeing AI's, but they don't have skins. They're just white. What should I do?
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    I guess we need a solution to the which-DEDx-files-must-I-include-problem as soon as possible. I feared that this contest would see a number of DEDx entries which would either require you to have DEDx installed or would come with an incomplete set of files. As far as I am concerned, I can't afford to download that monstrous thing. It would take me a whole day. What shall we Non-DEDx'ers do to be able to cast an unbiased vote on such missions?

    A suggestion to the maker(s) of DEDx (made without real knowledge about the package or about the actual state of a solution possibly in the making):
    If there exists a list of which files are needed by each object, it should be quite easy to write a small program (not me though - the best I could make would be a VB macro in an Excel sheet ) that takes the object names as input, extracts the necessary files from the list and writes out a .BAT file or something that copies them somewhere or adds them to a zip file.
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    Installed DEDX and the creatures (not the 7 adults) are still invisible and rather small (below knee high I suspect). Probably done on purpose to give us taffers a fun level to play with. Taking them out took some doing but it is doable with or without the help of the 10 flash bombs that we're given at the beginning of the mission
    remembering to keep one flash bomb aside for the victor of the gorialla fight

    DEDX can be downloaded from the following Deluxe Editor site. Installing it is straight forward.
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    Originally posted by Bumbleson
    As far as I am concerned, I can't afford to download that monstrous thing. It would take me a whole day. What shall we Non-DEDx'ers do to be able to cast an unbiased vote on such missions?
    You're lucky Bumbleson, for me it'd probably take a month to get it downloaded. There is no way I can get both DEDX and all the contest missions before the voting deadline, so I have the same problem. How can I vote fairly if I can't play all the missions?
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    This mission is never properly finished by the author because of too little time for Contest 4.
    That's a pity because it isn't much of a challenge in this state. invisisble AI, empty chests, floating fires, dissapearing crates, it's a mess

    But luckily there are also some positive points to be named. The textures are really good. The grass, leafs, bricks, windows, it looks all very real . Also the lightning is worth mentioning, and the apebeats fight in the small arena is funny to watch.

    All in all it's straightforward, very short, and not much of a challenge, but fun for a few minutes of exploration and taking a look at the nice environment

    A question: How can I open the front door opposite the bar?

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    Here's a fixed version
    Since I'm lazy, I just put all the DEDX resources into the zip. Well, it's not 2005 any more
    The mission is untouched.
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    Cheers Unna

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