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Thread: Father Hirvakia's Portal - 2002.12.08 (updated 2005.10.02)

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    I had no problems at all with any of the bugs mentioned in this thread! Worked fine for me although I did have to wait a while in mission 3 for the portal to open. Great job!! I just know William the Taffer did this one!

    Loved the SS2 music on part 4 and the Dark City music. I jumped out of my skin when the
    knights came alive!

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    Violent Taffer

    Nikole Never Dies

    Grr...I must have scoured every damn inch of this admittedly small map for a blackjack, because no matter what Nikole NEVER fell in the fight with the ape beasts. Every time I climbed out of the hole, she took one swing, the ape would die, and the other with the dartgun would not move unless I approached, and then it would only attack me...even tried to get the ape to shoot her by putting her between go. I died too many times trying to get her KO'ed. I have now seen that there is a button I missed somewhere that should knock her out...I will try it, but yes this was a good mission until I reached this frustrating bug. ;-(

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    Got muddled here too ... except that I was expecting her to follow me but she just stood there like a dummy. There is apparently a 2-3 min timer after which
    she keels over from the poisoned darts

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    Originally posted by Sneaky1Kenobi
    I jumped out of my skin when the
    knights came alive!
    You know, I was expecting that to happen... but it didn't the one time I played through #4. Maybe I should try it again, but it sounds like another bug some folks may encounter on this otherwise nice mission pack.

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    That rope in the portal room in mission #3...It looks alot like the barnicles in Half~Life...
    I'm not a bad guy, I just play one in real life.

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    Please don't get mad at me for saying this:

    ...but this one seems almost like...cheating the contest rules to me. Remember that drawing "My wife and my mother-in-law"? Looking at it, you see either an old hag, or a delicate featured woman with a hat looking away from you. Once you see both though, you can't NOT see both. Likewise, the four parts make one mission. Part 1 IS NOT a mission. Part 2 I can finish in less than 60 seconds. Also not a mission. It just seems like an end-run around the size limitation rule. It has many cool aspects to it, but it should have been one larger mission. I'll bet after the contest, it will be. I'm not in the contest, so it's no big deal to me, but I'm not sure I wouldn't be a bit peaved at this one if I had entered.
    Please don't take the offensive with me for saying what I think of it. It's just one man's opinion.

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    I encountered every bug mentioned here.

    I never could get the camvator to work properly. It stopped at the church window and played music endlessly.

    At the end of mission 3, I got the portal to work but only occasionally and for no clear reason. I tried many things. Sometimes putting a body on it worked. Most of the time it didn't, and nothing happened. Sometimes taking a body off made it work. I tried standing on it with and with out bodies, releasing and throwing apes and Nikole on it, stacking bodies (up to 4) on it, and I got no consistent results. On a few occasions Father Hirvakia came out and did his spiel. On several occasions, the good Father just paced back and forth in the tunnel with his ape friends and none came out.

    The scene in which Nikole gets poisoned by a dart was also quite variable. She got hit with the dart about half the time. If I came up the ladder fast, most of the time she didn't get hit. I did three variants. Nikole gets poisoned; Nikole does not get poisoned - kill the ape and get stuck with a broken sword. Nikole does not get poisoned - kill Nikole first and then the ape. In the latter case, the note still says she is poisoned but living.

    I agree completely with lonzboy that the four mission pack is an end run round the size limitation, and I think that such things should not be permitted in future contests. The four are obviously one, artifically split, and do not stand by themselves.

    All that notwithstanding, I think this mission is a very good if buggy attempt, and I really enjoyed many aspects of it. I liked the music and the visual special efects. I hope the author debugs it, embellishes it with more content, AI, and decoration, and puts it out as a single mission, with beta testing, of course.

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    All I have to say is, is, is.....

    Don't know what to say!

    Cept that, after all that, saving the little blonde piece just to have her basically sell me her freakin sword for a whopping TWO HUNDRED gold before takin a powder, and THEN it ends LIKE THAT?

    Well, that may be "characters in limbo", BUT, another word for limbo is "Purgatory"!

    I aint too happy with this one - I feel that William should have shelved this one for when he can do it justice (cuz it IS worth doing so!) and done something else for the contest!

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    I always enjoyed this little mini-campaign. I remember the ending scared the crap out of me, but it might have been because this was one of the first Fan Missions I played.

    Had I played it more recently- now that I'm more familiar with all of the little tricks we as authors do- it probably wouldn't have as big of an effect on me.

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    I've put the missions together as a campaign and fixed some bugs with dmls. According to fortuni, it's working.
    You need at least NewDark 1.24+FMSel (or NewDarkloader)
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    great news ^

    glad to hear its one now

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    Well it does NOT WORK FOR ME I am STILL having problems with that stupid portal on part 3! I have her in my arms and step up on the pedastal near the ramp after knocking out everyone and nothing happens! The FM Author really needs to fix this.And I am Using new dark loader.

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    It works, Iv'e just replayed it!

    You need to place dead Apebeast on the pedestal and wait a short while whilst the pillars re-arrange and a yellow flame appears inside the pillars, then you enter the 4 pillars to finish mission 3.

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    looks like link died how do i get updated version?

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