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Thread: C4: Curiosity Shop - 2003.01.14 (updated 2005.10.02)

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    C4: Curiosity Shop - 2003.01.14 (updated 2005.10.02)

    EDIT: Fixed version by Unna Oertdottir for NewDark 1.24

    I'm having trouble with the door at the top of the ladder in the closet with the red curtains on the third floor.
    None of the three keys work on it, and it seems to be outside of a room brush because there's no sound when I try to use my lockpicks on it.

    I finally got it open by
    jumping while looking up and executing an overhead sword bash. Took a few of these hits.

    Did I miss a key or secret button somewhere or is this the way it's intended to be opened?

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    Re: the ladder behind a curtain:

    Yes you missed a switch. Look on the wall above the curtain to the right (when you are inside the room with the ladder).

    Nice mission! Tons of loot - very ritzy place settings on the dinner table - lol!

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    Yes, nifty little job. I was a little taken aback, at first, when I was greeted by the sounds of spiders and zombies after leaving the start room.

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    Interesting use of the fact that DirectX only show the used side of objects with the
    painting over the stairs
    . This was a nice little mission, with some nice aspects to it.

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    I liked this one, a LBOE in it.

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    I couldn't fix this mission with a dml, so I fixed dark mission description and put the goals.str in it's correct folder.
    Now you can save the game
    ND 1.24 is required
    Last edited by Unna Oertdottir; 21st Apr 2017 at 03:27. Reason: New Link

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    Thanks very much for that. I've added the link to the OP.

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    Could you remove the 'saves' folder with the quicksave, please?

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    Sure. Edited the link. nickie, would you mind...?

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