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Thread: C4: Taffer's Shooting Gallery

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    C4: Taffer's Shooting Gallery

    Don't forget this one. It's really neat, too. Exactly what it sounds like. Lots of shooting arrows at targets. Really good music, too.

    What is that thing shooting cogs back at me, though? I thought I was doing the shooting!

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    yeps, it's great, i really like it also!

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    Yes, great fun and relaxation from all the thieving... definitely worth giving a try.
    The thing shooting cogs was pretty annoying at first but then I figured I have to stand near the fence and it was OK.

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    This is definitely not Thief, it's more like an old arcade style game, or a carnival game, but what a wonderful, fun and kooky change of pace! Wonderfully fun and creative use for Dromed. It's cool the versatility of that old mod program!

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    I played this one last night and I had lots of fun. I even laughed out loud when the music started. It was almost addictive. If there was such a category as "Best Replayability", this one would get my vote.

    I didn't even notice the thing shooting cogs the first time I played it (or it didn't notice me, I suppose), so I was very surprised the second time... I thought it was annoying too at first, but then changed my mind and now think it might be too easy without it.
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    The thing that shoots cogs is the "anti-cheat" device, instead of putting a thing were it plainly kills you when you get close, that thing appears.

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    Oh, you're supposed to stay on the platform at the start then? I thought you could be anywhere in front of the fence and that the cog-shooting thing was only there to make it trickier... Oops.

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    Umm, if that's really the intention, it isn't working right.

    If you stay back from the fence (like where you originially start) you will very quickly find yourself attacked by that invisible mechanist priest guy. However, if you go right up to the fence, he leaves you alone. That seems like the opposite of trying to punish you for getting close. Whatever the author's intention, it acts more as a challenge for people who want to shoot from farther back than as a barrier for people who want to get too close (anyways the lava and fencing do a nice enough job in that department ).

    Anybody know the point of that big lever with the flashing arrows? It doesn't seem to have any purpose or even be hooked to anything in dromed Just there to tease us?

    This was a fun level - good place to brush up on your archery!

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    Cool one. Perhaps not a winner, but a very funny FM. I think there should definiately be missions like Basic or Shooting Gallery in every contest.

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    jericho said:

    I think there should definiately be missions like Basic or Shooting Gallery in every contest.
    Yes I quite heartily agree. The variety is what makes the contest so great. I'm glad people have the cajones and the ingenuity to come up with these ideas. The fact that all of these missions are not for everyone, or even the normal Thief style doesn't matter. Let everyone do what they want, and there will always be something for everyone to enjoy. The no porno rule is reasonable, beyond that there is a bazillion things you could come up with. The more missions the better. There is only one small mission out there (not this contest) which I found tasteless. I won't say which because it is still that creator's right to put it out there. I only say this to point out that with all the missions out there, from so many different creators, the overwhelming majority are good.

    About Basic though, has anyone considered the opposite of base is acid ? Hmmm......

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    shooting gallery=
    Great when you want something less tense than Thief and different. Really really fun!

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    Hmm. I only got the cog things when I used fire arrows on the mechs and people, I thought it was to make the game more complicated. As long as I stuck to the targets and used broadheads; no cogs.

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    This one reminded me of Curse of the Carnival, a mostly-finished Beta mission by Dashjianta. Various carnival-style games and puzzles... it's a shame he never finished it.

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