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Thread: Sakura's Dragoneye Question

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    Sakura's Dragoneye Question

    I've almost finished this mission and am still short of the loot objectve by 60. I'm obviousy overlooking something and was hoping someone could give me a gentle shove in the right direction. I've been in every room unless there is a secret one hidden somewhere that I haven't found.


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    I'm sorry I didn't answer this before, but I had never played this mission and I was just too busy at the time to try it out.

    Most of the loot is pretty much out in the open. Did you find the purse lying on the floor in the gambling room, full of people? There's also a gold wine bottle on the floor nearby and a pair of dice on one of the tables.

    There's a purse lying on a round table in the first room on the right after you enter the manor.

    There's a bunch of gold plates and 2 purple goblets in the kitchen sink, plus the plates on the counter, along with the spice bags.

    The room with all the masks on the wall, of course. They're worth 450g. That's it and it totals 1270g., which is all the loot available in the mission.

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    Thanks, Nightwalker!

    I read the book but overlooked the purse on the table. Time to move on to another FM!
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