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Thread: *New Screenshots*

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    *New Screenshots*

    With any luck copying and pasting the links below ought to take you to a few new screens of the mission I've been working on. I hope you like them

    I've got a lot on at the moment, so there's little time for dromed. Hopefully this mission will be completed eventually, scaled down from current plans and plot or continuing according to plan, but of course I may simply run out of time and inclination.

    No sign of that happening yet though! The screenshots, if you're able to see them (HTML or whatever it is is not my forté) are of a small tavern/pub and the luxurious penthouse of a doctor who features fairly prominently in the plot. The working title of the FM is 'Wishful Thinking' for no real reason other than I liked the sound of it.

    So I'd be very grateful for any comments or critique you have to offer as designers or players! These are some of the few areas that are nearly, if not totally, finished, so maybe what you say will help the development of various sections of the mission at earlier stages. If nothing else, knowing other people have some interest in my work is a great encouragement on its own.

    Hope you like it!

    Edit - copy these into a new browser window, that's the only way it seems to work.
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    Just clicking on the links worked fine for me. The screenshots are very nice! I hope you find the time to finish the mission, as I'd love to play it.

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    Wow, this screenshots are looking great

    Very beautiful wooden design

    Yuck, is this a head on the pedestal?

    I hope to sneak through this wonderful pictures very soon
    "Don't dream it - be it!"

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    Praise the Builder!! Great shots! You decorate the area well. I notice you have a grandfather clock in on shot. I find that it adds to the mission to have the grandfather clock actually with moving pendulum and making a ticking sound. If you need to find out how to do that, you can do a search on the editors forum or ask me.

    Love it!

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    (taking notes)... firepoker at fireplace, two decorative plates on mantelpiece, golden goblet on table... don't forget mask opposite fireplace... search bookcase for potential concealed levers... (stops taking notes, looks up innocently) What? It's just for inventory!

    Great screenshots! Hopefully you'll be able to release the mission soon!

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    Wow! Great screenshots!

    I especially like the placement of objects - the images look as if someone actually lives there! The lighting also looks good.

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    very nice work, keep at it. even just a little here and there and you'll finish in no time

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    Nice work . The links are a little strange though . I got an error opening them in another tab , however they loaded fine whem I hit the go button - no cut or copy and paste required . You have some strange code there taffer !

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    Originally posted by Dinksmallwood
    Yuck, is this a head on the pedestal?
    Now there's a thought...

    bdkl - I'm amazed it's possible to see the screenshots at all!

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone, it's a great boost. With any luck the mission will comprise of a city area with a few places to break into and sneak around, and a sizeable mansion. I've planned a cam-vator briefing and cut-scene, but I'm not sure if my skills are up to orchestrating that yet.

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    Your screenshots look really good. You've done a nice job on your lighting and shadows too.

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    Looks nice! I hope you finish it soon. Just one thing (because it seems I'm obsessed with details like this now ), how about aligning the textures on the wooden beams, for example in the first image?

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    Where exactly do you mean? The textures I used on the beams are fairly simple ones so alignment didn't seem as important.

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    Morrgan probably means the wood's grain. It's vertical, even on horizontal beams. (Ponders this detail for a moment, then goes off to check his own mission for misaligned wooden beams)

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    Hmm maybe, but I'm not aware of any way to rotate a texture - I thought they could only be moved up/down/left/right...

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    Along with U and V for horizontal/vertical movement of textures, there's a Rot value, right below the Scale setting.

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    Originally posted by Eshaktaar
    Morrgan probably means the wood's grain. It's vertical, even on horizontal beams.
    Yah, this is what I mean. It's just a detail, but it never hurts to get details right.

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    Excellent work, proceed with thy grand construction!

    The Hammerite Imperium Lead

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    Looks marvelous.

    Keep on the good work.

    Originally posted by Dinksmallwood
    I hope to sneak through this wonderful pictures very soon
    Yeah me too

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    Oli G


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    They look very homey. A place that I would be quite comfortable to aid in the decreasing of total monetary value.

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    Cool screenshots indeed. Sort of has the 'gritty' atmosphere that was all too lacking in Thief 2, but with class.

    I'd like to second the mention of the texture alignment on the beams - not to worry, though. Most designers have a strange misconception that wooden floor planks are used to create beams, bookshelves and generally anything else made of wood, so I didn't even notice it until I took a second glance.

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    that is something i try to align in my missions, although i'm guilty of using wood floor plank for anything wood, Oh well.

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    Thanks for the comments all

    I resort to plank textures for some beams simply because there aren't really all that many attractive wood alternatives. I've been experimenting with a few custom textures i downloaded but I don't want to risk screwing my level up with dodgy files yet. That comes after a year of exhausting work

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