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Thread: Alternate soundtrack version?

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    Alternate soundtrack version?

    Hi all,

    Some years ago I contacted via e-mail the guy who'd done the soundtrack for System Shock 2. I don't recall his name now, and now that I think back to it I was actually put in touch with him by someone else who'd done a soundtrack to a different game... the details all escape me now. Regardless, the System Shock 2 composer was extremely kind and mailed me a physical CD of the game's soundtrack. Somewhere I still have that CD, but for years now I've had the mp3s I ripped from it as well as the ones which had been commonly available online at fan sites etc, and they two versions were distinct. They were arranged differently.

    I suspect that his versions have been online for years or something, but I just realized it's really remiss of me to not MAKE SURE of that, and make sure the rest of the community has access to these versions of the tracks, in case they don't already. So let me see what I can do here... I'm not accustomed to uploading stuff for general access.

    K I think I found a way to make it accessible. It's uploading now.

    While that uploads, some further thoughts and info:

    My favorite track has always been Operations D, the version I have obtained from fan sites (and the one I primarily listen to) is 2:22 in length, the version the composer gave me is 4:03 - I'm listening to it now, and it's POSSIBLE that these tracks are just merely much more full and sort of raw versions... in the end, I suspect that most fans will prefer the ones that have been widely available. I just want to make sure that if there is anyone out there who is a big fanatic of the soundtrack (and I am to a degree but I am not really an audio person very much) that they have access to these.

    IF you're reading this and you are someone who knows a lot about System Shock 2 and the soundtrack, I'd love feedback and insights on these versions. Your observations as to the differences... and anyone who can let me know if these were already available, or if there's anything actually new in these tracks (like perhaps that didn't make it into the game, I don't think this is the case though) all that sort of info/insight would be really cool to have.

    It appears I ripped the mp3s in 2002, which would also be when he sent me the disc.


    Okay so there you have it, again as I said I think this is not really anything new but if it is useful or interesting to anyone, then I'm glad.
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    I just bought the GOG version which includes a soundtrack in both FLAC and mp3 formats, and from what I can tell it looks to be exactly what was sent to me by the composer 11 years ago. Or very close to it.

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    Man, where have you been for last years?

    At first, here:

    So we have the soundtrack for five years. The question is why didn't you upload your disc before?

    Then: two guys wrote the music. Ambient and spacey tracks were done by nowadays a Hollywood movie composer Ramin Djawadi. All the techno tracks are by SS2's and Trief's producer Josh Randall. He wrote just a few demos and gave them to the audio-guy Eric Brosius, who kinda loved them, edited the files mixed for the in-game use.

    Years ago we got the soundtrack cd (which is identical to the one you have). And it did consist of alternate mixes of the music. Josh (the techno-composer) said that he never heard of them before, and he liked them.

    Last year I had a trip over the US and met Josh in person. I did some video-interview (to be done later), and asked him whether he still has the original project files of the soundtrack. He said that he's gonna adapt them so it could be used in any program, and months later uploaded the multitrack recordings here:

    I think I will edit and upload a part of the video where he's telling about the music today. I hope.
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    Well it looks like me and the guy from that other thread both could've gotten these into community hands a full 5 years before we did (he did)

    He felt guilty and so do I, sorry

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