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Thread: Black and White - it knows your name!

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    Black and White - it knows your name!

    Okay, okay, I can sympathise with those who think I've lost my mind. This really happened... When I was playing (on land 3) earlier this evening, I heard a whisper (kind of like the incredibly creepy "death" whispers but in a male voice - if you've got the game you'll know what I mean) and it was my name "David"... Jesus. That made me f*!king jump I can tell you!

    I checked out this thread on the B&W messageboards at to make sure I wasn't losing my mind:

    What an amazing game.

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    That's freaky as hell.

    /me now requires all the willpower he could ever possibly have to not play the game till summer.

    The resulting addiction would surely ruin any life i once had. So i'm gonna try to wait till summer when i have nothing to do.

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    Hey, unordinary names can come in handy sometimes!

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    Same here. I had to pour Holy Water all over my computer to exorcise the demon that had surely taken residence within

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    But HOW does it know your name?

    And someone tell me, does the game have "Greg" in it? I wanna be freaked out too!

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    It may be from the registration, or... Remember when you installed Windows, it asks for Your Name, Company Name, etc? It might be peeking at that, too.


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    Some people over on the forums say that it's just to do with what you call your god and/or creature. I called both of mine "David" so maybe that's how it worked it out. However, someone else said that he called neither his creature or god by his own name and it still said his name so that was when the registration theory came about - either registering online or what you typed when you registered your computer. Remember, this game also has access to your Outlook Express address book so it's not exactly dumb.

    It also seems to pick the closest name it can find to the one you typed in. Someone else said he had called his god "ATARIAN" but the game whispered "Adrian"...
    The file with all the names in it is at this location (if you've got the game). The names are in MP3 format and the file can be opened with winamp:

    C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\Black & White\Audio\Dialogue\Guidance.sad

    The list of all the names is quite long but I couldn't see a Greg in there. Anyway, if you're interested it's at the following URL:

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    I think the game looks at what name Windows is registered under, as the game is registered in my girlfriends name (as it's her game), and we haven't used our real names for the players names, yet the game still whispers my name. Strange.

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    Too much shroom tea is not good.
    You guys need to cut back.

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    hmm, i hope it's from the name windows is registered in. then i'll hear a voice whispering SHODAN, hehe. cool. i'm just on the 2nd island though. 3 more villages to convince...
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    I'll propably never hear how it would manage "Ville", as it mysteriously teleported me back to land 2 (from land 3), and I find the single-player game so irritating I completely lost intrest.

    Wish they'll put out more skirmish maps <IMG SRC="devil.gif" border="0">.

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