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Thread: T2 FM: Two Fathers (25/03/2003)

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    T2 FM: Two Fathers (25/03/2003)

    Get it here:
    Cheap Thief Missions
    Thief: The Circle

    Thanks to Hit Deity for troubleshooting and helping.
    Thanks to everyone at TEG for all their helpful information.
    Thanks to Komag for the tutorial and for hosting it soon.
    Thanks to beta testers Nightwalker, Silent_Warrior, Diana 50322, Dinksmallwood, and Hit Deity. Thanks also to smithpd for taking the time to look at the FM and make some helpful suggestions even though he had lots of irons in the fire.

    I hope you enjoy it

    Head to the threads for both parts in this FM series:
    1. Two Fathers -- currently viewing
    2. The Time That Has Passed
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    Re: Two Fathers is ready for download

    Originally posted by uncadonego
    I'm going to put it up here until Komag gets it up at the Keep. If my ISP guys complain, I'll take down the link, but I doubt they will.
    Just downloaded it. Yeah! You might want to look at getting it hosted on Cheap Thief Missions as well.

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    - J<

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    D'Oh! D'Oh!


    Epithumia! Of course! Geez, I'm in a daze. Thanks Epithumia!

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    I must christen this one, too......

    Cool mission, and congrats on the release, too. I'm glad I could help.

    Some of the opening cave sequences were truly inspiring in this one, and I don't see how you had the patience to undertake such a monumental task of creating the cave complex as a first mission, Don.

    I just wish I had had more time to devote to betatesting this one but it came right on the heels of schwaa's new FM.

    I know it will do fine, though. I would have played it just for the chance to experience a top-notch spelunking simulator.

    Great job, uncadonego! (Everybody's releasing full-fledged FMs before me..... I'm so far behind I'll never catch up.)

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    Awesome, after releasing L4D I'm getting alot of playtime I finished Order of the Vine last night (this morning) and it was tough, working on Keeper's Betrayal, Making Tracks, Burgalry in BlackBrook, Autumn in Lampfire, and the C4 missions. Maybe i better stop openening new ones and finish these

    Well, One more

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    Congratulations, uncadonego! This is a really beautiful mission, with a great storyline and some very nice, architectural detail. The caves, of course, are awesome. It was a joy to betatest it and it's great fun to play.

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    I truly enjoyed the mission, some great ideas for locations and well executed.

    The caves were very nice; the gameplay there is sweet, and has a certain Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones feel to it. I needed quite a few quickloads at certain points, tho... old Garret just ain't got the moves that Lara has

    The upper class neighbourhood area was also very well executed, with attention to detail. I found myself thinking I'd like to raise my kids there.. if I had some, that is

    Texts were also nice, the letter from Johnny really made me _want_ to do this "charity" mission The readables elsewhere, however, made it hard to finish the mission without feeling guilty. Nice touch.

    I think it's the first secret area I've seen that is bigger than the rest of the mission, btw I decided to make a save halfway through and finished the mission, so I could go back and explore the rest of it later.

    There were some places movement was a bit weird (not being able to walk across what seems like adjacent airbrushes without jumping and making noise), but this didn't detract from the overall impression of a very good mission.

    As someone said the other day, in response to all the great fanmissions that are coming out: It's really tough being a fledgling dromed'er when you see the acts you have to follow

    - schma

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    Thanks schma, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I think I know the area you were talking about where you had to hop. The sub-flooring area, almost finished at the one site? That is sort of odd, isn't it? Garrett just doesn't have the floatation devices Lara has to make the longer jumps. I'm glad the other readables made you feel sort of guilty. That's what I wanted.
    Thanks you, Nightwalker. You were a fantastic help, and I was always thinking you were going to get sick of the mission playing it so much. Thanks to you too Hit. I'm so glad everyone so far has enjoyed it. I hope everyone enjoys at least some aspect of it.

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    Wow. What an amazing mission!
    I just finished on expert (no ko's either, and all pockets picked - missing some loot yet though...). Only took about 4 hours, hehe

    The cave area at the start was a bit of fun (a few jumping/mantling niggles, but really amazing architecture) and it kept getting better from there! The upper-class area was excellent, with the walls and rooftops to climb around on - great fun! The huge 'secret' area was also really well done, plenty of interesting details and just enough guards to keep it interesting.

    I would have to say that the storyline and its execution is one of the best for any thief mission ever. This was the only one in which I really felt sorry for the victims of my looting - so much so that, towards the end, I felt like quitting, or being able to give back everything I'd taken, so that the people I'd robbed wouldn't lose everything. All of the scrolls were perfectly written..
    I especially loved the collection-room diary - the missing brother idea was very nice (well.. if I interpreted it in the right way..)

    Thank you uncadonego for a simply excellent (first!) mission (haven't played Karras' Diary yet.) I can't wait till your next one!

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    The caves are wonderful! I can't imagine trying to do that myself in Dromed. Just got out of the sinkhole and can't wait to explore more...

    Great job!
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    Thanks uncadonego , lots of exploring to do in this one . I will say , however , that I'm glad I'm out of the caves and away from those damn spiders !

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    Wow! This is an amazing mission. I just can't get over the amount of detail and thought put into it. Light switches are in logical places. There seems to be the perfect number of guards (also in logical places and patrol routes). I didn't see any objects that looked misaligned or out of place. Object use and placement were absolutely perfect in this mission. IMO, it may be the mission that most closely approaches reality. Sorry about all of the gushing (I'll mop later), but, being a detail man myself, I simply cannot let this mission go by without praise.
    Now that I think of it, one thing may have been too perfectly placed. Can anyone tell me where
    the key to the kitchen safe is?

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    Hint - It's in the same room.

    Hint 2 - Look high, not low.

    spoiler - Use a rope arrow to get up on the mantle on the other side of the fireplace and check there.

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    Thanks, NW! I'd already finished all of the objectives except for returning to the sinkhole. I just didn't want to finish the mission without getting into that safe. I'll crack into it when I get home tonight.

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    stuck in the caves...

    i hate that !!
    being stuck at the begining of a mission ...
    probably because i'm missing something obvious somewhere
    but here i am ...

    there's a place where two caverns connect i can hear a spider a bit higher
    but no way to climb
    if i take the other cave there's a dead end
    i can climb part of the wall for a while but i can't get high enough to reach somewhere

    is there a nother way ?
    this place is too big just to be a dead end ...
    I may be blind But I found my way

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    Those caves are a masterpiece!!

    But like sexypat I'm stuck too. I got to the place where there's a beam i can rope arrow up to. I press 8 and find out I don't have any rope arrows!
    Are they close? I'd hate to go through all the caves from the beginning if the rope arrows are close..
    "why be normal when you're happy as crazy?"
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    Goldie81, you should have had 2 rope arrows in your inventory at the beginning of the mission. If you're hitting the key for them and they aren't appearing, try going into your key bindings and make sure they are still bound to the "8" key. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, Thief will drop one of these. Quite often it seems to be the rope arrows. I have no idea why. If that's not it, then I don't have a clue, I'm afraid.

    SexyPat, if I'm right about where you are, then you did the swim through the underwater tunnel, came up, went into a room with some pillars that you could climb up and then you're stuck? If that's where, then the wall that you said you could climb partway up is the right way to go. You can go farther up, but the last shelf is difficult to get up onto. Try taking a tiny step back, so that you're close to the edge of the ledge, then doing the run/mantle thing. You may have to try a couple of times, but you can do it. Make sure you save every time you get past a difficult spot in these caves, because like real caves, it's slippery and dangerous in there!

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    Originally posted by Nightwalker
    You may have to try a couple of times, but you can do it.
    It's in scenarios like this:

    "Up, Garrett, come on you can do it. Darn it don't...Ahhhggghhh!"
    (Garrett decks out.)
    "Okay, take a few steps back. That's it. Good, Garrett. Now run and...Ahhhggghhh!"
    (Garrett == meat bomb)
    "Fine. Garrett, you pansy, you're getting up that freaking ledge. It's only a foot taller than you. Just jump and grab and...Ahhhggghhh!"
    (Garrett goes splat.)

    That I resort to things like this:

    "Ahhhggghhh! Garrett, you are such a wuss! Where the taff are my flares?"
    (Look down, drop flare.)
    "Now just jump up and..."
    "Why aren't you standing on that flare?"
    (Pick up flare, look down, drop flare.)
    "It's supposed to get stuck in your lap you idiot! Garrett, you can't even exploit a bug correctly! You're a pretty taffing lousy thief!"

    At which point things evlove into:

    "Ahhhggghhh! Garrett, you are the most incompitent thief in the history of the City! You have obviously become fat, lazzy, and inept do to the fact that you probably just sat around at home fantasizing about Vikkie during the two years that elapsed between Thief 1 and Thief 2. Just let me find a mine so that I can blow you up and then you'll be sorry!"
    (Poke random keys on keyboard trying to remember what I bound mine to.)
    "What the...? How did you get up on that ledge? Whatever, just don't move while I push quicksave."
    (Alt + s)
    "Nooooooo! Ahhhggghhh! Garrett, you were supposed to save the game not walk backwards! Okay, let's try this one last time. Jump, grab, and..."
    "Kaboom! Ahhhggghhh! Garrett, since when did I tell you to drop that mine at the top of the ledge?"

    Continue from there. The final result is:

    "Okay, Garrett, you finally made it onto this freaking ledge, never mind that you only have two hit points left. Now just turn right down that tunnel. Taff, it's dark in here. Good thing I have a flare left."
    (Light flare.)
    "Ahhhggghhh! There's a spider! Quick get your bow."
    (Flail at keyboard in an effort to remember what key broadheads are bound to.)
    "I said your bow not your sword! Now it's too close. Run away! No, not back over the ledge...Ahhhggghhh!"

    By the way, uncadonego, both Garrett and I thoroughly enjoyed our explorations of your caves, and the houses beyond the sinkhole were more than enough reward for making it out alive.
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    You should have started out with the rope arrows, I did anyway.

    Quick question... where the heck is this secret area I hear about? I barely got 1500 in loot and I was practically taking the gold teeth out of the mouths of the gaurds to get that. So in order to get 5000, yeah... that secret area has to be pretty huge, but where is it? What did I miss?

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    Mickyw33 - Did you see a notice that, despite the fact that there were guards outside the middle house, it looked strangely unlived in? Did you go upstairs into the big bedroom and read the note pinned on the doorjam? It says "Come back upstairs..."?? Aren't you already upstairs? Search that bedroom VERY carefully.

    Francine, that was so funny! (So true, too! LOL!)

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    *Hits self on the head* Gotta think more while robbing people blind. Thanks.

    This mission is truely amazing. Everything is so well laid out and highly detailed. I don't know a thing about DromEd (I couldn't even make Doom levels back in the day ) but I can't even begin to imagine the amount of long hours required to achieve such painstaking detail you guys give your FMs. Just simply amazing what you guys do. Bravo, bravo.

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    Nope, those rope arrows where absolutely gone..

    I had to start over again, but atleest now I knew the way
    When I got to that underwater tunnell I probably spent ten minutes trying to find that hole to the crystal area again. In the end I was close to giving it up, but gamma adjusting helped me. Yeah, yeah, I know it was wrong but I wanted to finish the mission before 4 am!

    This mission must have some of the finest architecture I've seen!
    The mansion was truly amazing! I wanna live there, with that "swamp" pool in the garden. Yay!!
    "why be normal when you're happy as crazy?"
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    Hey Goldie, one thought occurred to me. Did you perhaps destroy your rope arrows without noticing the first time around? Sometimes I accidentally use a broadhead instead of a water arrow and attract all kinds of unwanted attention. If you inadvertently used the rope arrows to kill spiders, it would destroy them like regular arrows.
    If anyone else runs into some problems seeing in the water tunnels, remember, that's why I included all the flares in the inventory at the beginning. It lights your way down there beautifully. (Yes, those things actually do serve a purpose! LOL!)
    I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying the mission. Thanks for all the compliments on the architecture everyone!

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    Gorgeous uncadonego!

    You are so compulsive you even placed the cheese wedges into cheese wheels? Your sickness, our gain! What meticulous placement of objects and textures! Very beautiful! Once again a great story! Lachlan7, I think your interpretation of the collection room diary is correct. Not only does the story line definitely seem to point that way, but it appears uncadonego is hiding references like he did in KD. Old habits hard to break uncadonego? Anyway I think the character Delphos is pretty sure
    Garrett's older brother. Philadelphia (the city) means "brotherly love", so I think uncadonego is using "Delphos" as a play on words to say "brother'.
    The usual sneaky stuff eh, uncadonego? So what are you saying, that somehow
    The Trickster new the child would foil his plans in the future to bring back the world that was, so he tried to kill him as a child but failed. This is why he tried to kill Garrett after he got the eye?
    All super interesting stuff. I always like the reading part the best when people right good storyline. So is there a sequel?

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