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Thread: The Monastery of St Fera - Loot?

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    The Monastery of St Fera - Loot?

    I'm having a small problem finding enough loot to finish this FM on Expert. I have something on the order of 1371 loot and need to get to 1500 to finish the mission. I'm probably missing something totally obvious. Anyone have any tips on where I might look? I think I've been over the place a dozen times or so.


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    Slash the banner in the room with the Healing Hammer to find a gold hammer and vase, worth 175g.

    Go down the tunnel out the north side of the room where you find the Morning Stone and put out the torch. You should find a gem worth 50g.

    Somewhere, there is a ring under some bones, I think.

    My computer is broken, so I can't check any of this out. (I'm using my husband's portable while he swears at ours. I hope that helps out.

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    Thanks! That was exactly what I needed. I can't believe I missed that gem.

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    Argh! Loot hunt again.

    [Nightwalker, or anybody else]

    I'm this close (envision thumb and forefinger about an angstrom apart) to a legitimate ghost of this mission -- nobody has ever reported such, the only other ghost being due to a fluke -- and I'm short of loot.

    Of 1600, I'm short 16, 1% of what I need! I'm at 1584, and I need 1600 to finish.

    Supposedly, there is 1804 in the mission... so there should be ample loot. But where the heck is it?

    I've already found both things behind the banner in the room with the Hammer of Healing, the gem at the end of the north tunnel from the Morning Stone room, the ring near the skeleton to the south of there, the nuggets in the tunnel leading from the half-bridge over the lava, everything I could find in the chapel, everything I could find in the library upstairs... other things too, but I can't remember everything. Chests, loot on tables, &c.

    Is there some loot that is diabolically hidden? Anything anybody remembers that I might have missed? All I need is 16gp worth!

    Edit: Nevermind; I found a gold coin (20 gp worth) sitting on one of the benches in the courtyard outside the area with the big hammer, the Hammerite priest, and four burning braziers. That puts me at 1604, and I just made it. Ghosted! Legitimately, this time .


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    Congratulations, Dafydd! This would be a tough mission to ghost.

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