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Thread: Problem with 64five (= 5-Minute Thieves Guild)

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    Problem with 64five (= 5-Minute Thieves Guild)

    Gerhard Eichberger

    I'm stuck near the beginning of 64five ("5-Minute Thieves Guild"):

    1.) On the left side of the starting field there is a room where some water is sprinkling down. However it seems that I can't do anything here..

    2.) In the cellar there is a portculli (I hear a Crayman down here), but I can't open it. Where is the key?


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    1) As far as I know, there is nothing to do in this room.

    2) There should be a thief standing by a fire in the corner of the room with the sewer hatch. He wears the key. If you aren't using Thief Gold you may run into some problems with this mission even if you have applied the TG patch to TDP. Some people were unable to see the thief or the key, making it impossible to complete the mission.

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