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Thread: Question to "Ochiru"

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    Question to "Ochiru"

    Gerhard Eichberger

    In "Ochiru" I stuck at the beginning:

    I'm on a platform very high on a tower. There is a door but I can't open it. The only way is to jump down and fall to death.

    Is that all of it?!


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    I haven't played this mission but I picked this out of another thread I found in a search:

    If you feel like jumping down some 100 metres again (with a mad
    expression on your face, logically) - you'd better carry some
    body over your shoulder - because you may then survive your
    little experience - if you drop it about half a second before the
    usual "THUMP" (- no it's more like "CROCK").
    (Maybe you also have to look down at that moment)
    I don't know if that will help, but from the sound of it, this is just a small demo, not a proper mission.

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    Note that "ochiru" is Japanese for "fall".

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    I could not figure out how to prevent myself from dying. I did complete it successfully. The secret is to land as close as possible to the shed and then immediately crawl into the shed's door, just before you die. Worked for me, anyway.

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    I finally managed this one after a million tries (yes I am bored today). My method was to jump carrying the body, throw the body halfway down which pushes you back and you land on an undead completely unharmed. Mind you it took me a few goes to achieve this.

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    I can confirm that the "goal" is to see if you can get from wherever you land to the inside of the door before the "MISSION FAILED" movie starts. I got it on the second try. Even though you "die" on impact, you can still scurry through the door and the objective will tick off - then you'll get the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" screen. Easy enough.

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    But that is not the way you are meant to complete it. I managed it with no loss of health at all (see above)!

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    Sorry, Dude - I hadn't read your first post closely enough - that sounds pretty awesome!

    For me, I simply said, "The objective was ticked off and the mission accomplished screen achieved" - so, who cares if I died first! I still have over 200 missions to play!

    But, maybe I'll try it again with your method.

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