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Thread: T2 FM Stowaway (or sunshine getaway) 05/05/2003

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    T2 FM Stowaway (or sunshine getaway) 05/05/2003

    This FM, created by Finial almost 3 years ago, made me fell like I was vacating in the tropics. Bright Sunshine! Curvy architectural lines. No worries. Little personal wealth lying around. Even the characters seem to move in a leisurely motion. Felt a shame having to rob the place.

    This contest submitted FM may be low on suspense and have an objective that doesn't check off; nevertheless, it is worthwhile playing due to its non-standard approach to FM building. Most F'Ms provide illumination so the player can at least see to manoeuvre in the dark. However, Stowaway, appears to have added shadows for the player to hide in at high noon.

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    Thanks DreamWalker , I was stuck in this one until seeing your post . I agree - this one is well worth playing , I'm not sure how I missed it when it was released .

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    As far as anyone has been able to tell, the spice bag counts as loot and doesn't tick off that objective, so I don't think it's possible to finish the level.

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    Just played ths rather charming mission.

    After delivering my kidnap victim to the box on the ship, I was ready to sally forth again in search of the elusive spice bag. Although sure of getting it much earlier on, as it didn't check off I though that maybe it was another one.

    Rather glad I checked the forum first.

    Thank you forum.


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    This mission can be completed with all objectives, but the spice bag has to be stolen first. I have fully tested this, too. If I take spice first, I get the objective complete and taking loot after does not change this completion. If spice taken after first loot, then no objective complete.

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    I cannot find any link for this mission, could someone post one please?

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    The Architect
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    Also, seems Finial should be having another FM out soon.

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    What? New Finial FM? That would be really great! How did you know?

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    Great news.

    I think, too, that it would be great if he could go back and a do an update on this little gem as well. There are a few things that need fixing and there are several things that I've wanted to see added that would improve this mission nicely. (some additions to the surrounding buildings including a few patroling guards and some archer AIs)

    I'm just making some suggestions, though.

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    Replayed Stowaway again after years.
    It wasn't as long as i remembered. And way too easy compared with today's missions (all loot found without actually searching for it).
    But it was fun . Too bad about the spice objective.

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Nightfall View Post
    Also, seems Finial should be having another FM out soon.
    Digi just told me he was talking about Mission X, for which Finial did a large part of the architecture.
    So no new mission by him, unfortunately.
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    Here's a small fix for this mission. Save it as miss25.mis.dml

    //Fix spice goal in T2 FM Stowaway//miss25.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 498 "TrapQVar"
        "" =1:goal_state_5
    +ObjProp 498 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" TrapSetQVar
    +Link 146 498 "ControlDevice"
    +ObjProp 146 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Script
    +ObjProp 146 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" Trigworldfrob

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