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Thread: Need Help with "A Mission with No Name"

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    Need Help with "A Mission with No Name"

    1 - Where can I find the fishes? I found a few but since the objective did not check off, I'm missing one... or two. Or three.

    2 - I'm having trouble getting up onto the roof with the rubble. Any ideas?

    3 - In the readme, mopgoblin says there is a pipeline that can be climbed. Where is it?

    4 - In easy, the secret keeper room switch is under the burrick's head. Where is it on hard and expert?
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    Fish locations:

    1. Apt. 2a - on a wall plaque
    2. Apt. 2b - on a table
    3. next apt. (2c?) - on a ledge behind the armoire
    4. Unit #3 - outside, facing the entrance door. The fish is between the door frame and the wall on the left of the door.
    5. Unit #3 - upstairs on a table.
    6. The apartment on the next street that has a bed that opens - fish on the bedframe
    7. flower boxes outside the upper door of the above apt.
    8. house entered from a floor hatch from a room on the upper walkway - fish on the floor.
    9. Tower at the far end of the street from the above apt. Fish on windowsill.

    2. & 3
    You climb a drainpipe on one wall of the building.

    4. Silly
    Frob the crayman's head
    lever on the side of the plaque closest to the window

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    On "Silly," I found the Crayman's head trophy, which leads to the secret Keeper room. Anybody know where the other secret is?



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