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Thread: Dwelling Insanity (Contest 4 Mission)

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    Dwelling Insanity (Contest 4 Mission)

    First I have to admit that i've been a bad author I've noticed that people have discussed about DI's mysterious holes, invisible objectives and the whole meaning. I try to be a better author from now on and answer as long as I can find the questions in the forum.

    1. The almost impossible hole in the stairs. Yes, it is annoying and I was about to resize it, but I managed to jump over it the first time so I thought I don't have to.

    2. The invisible objective is a mistake. I managed to put it into a wrong folder.

    3. The story is actually that you're dreaming. Why do you have to find the book? Well you can't always explain your dreams purpose

    The mission is made in a hurry, I palnned to make more ambients, freaky noises and scripts.

    I might do a larger version with more sense to it, with working objectives and maybe less annoying holes in stairs

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    Replies to your statements:

    1) I thought it was fairly easy to get over. Something like 5 tries and I had it figured out, so it wasn't past my limit of tolerance at say, oh, maybe 93 tries. That's when I get really irritated and drop an FM.

    2) Invisible objectives really are quite a challenge, but next time you should try putting in objectives that tick off in the wrong order, or early, or don't tick off at all. Like I did in Escape From Blackstone Crypt. That really generates a lot of scary threads and belligerent emails. ()

    3) Cool. I've been wondering what the background was, and now I know.

    4) Don't feel bad at all. I've played this FM quite a bit actually, since it was so handy for testing why fog wasn't working with my new Radeon 9700 Pro. So it's gotten a lot of playtime around here, probably the most out of all the C4 missions.

    5) I would have liked to see this mission with some AIs (live, or combative), with more of the story fleshed out. stopped at 3. Oh, well, you get my point.

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    I really liked this mission; a complete lack of substance, but something amazing despite that. I wandered through it several times trying to work out what there actually was in the mission - aside from the book and haunt if i remember correctly at the top of the building. Then I looked at the title, and found myself wondering whether it referred to the player character being insane, or in fact the player - me - gradually losing my sanity. To ensure this wouldn't happen I eventually gave up playing, but despite the fact the mission lacked a general plot, my imagination went overboard. So well done! Oh and I managed that jump 1st time as well. Sadly I made the mistake of jumping back down the whole to see what was there...even if I retained my sanity, common sense had long departed me.

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    I had in mind when I made the level to not spell out the story for the player (diaries or letters were the whole story is told), because this way the player can create a part of the world. I need to make it a bit more alive though, because once you played it once you know there are no enemies. If I could get the mission to be different every "playtime".

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    Originally posted by Rustibus
    If I could get the mission to be different every "playtime".
    I like this idea. I think DI has the potential to be a very enjoyable mission, after fixing the objective and doing the changes you've mentioned (more ambients and other freaky noises, AIs). I hope I don't seem too eager if I direct you to this thread. Just some info about randomizing.

    (By the way, will you ever finish any of your other projects? And show screenies?)
    Morrgan's Dark Projects: my FMs and FM reviews - 10.03.2008: All for a Night's Sleep updated to v1.1

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    I will finish them if my idea tap could be shut and will show screenies if I could get somewhere with my dromeding.

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    Well, it's too short and too straighforward. Walking right to your goal, heading back again with a key, only to unlock a door with a room behind it that has nothing to offer. Dissapointing.

    But the idea behind is actually pretty good. Stuck in a dream that represents a kind of tower, which you have to climb all the way up. And only getting a book will awake you from your sleep. There's no need to make this an objective, because nobody will have a hard time figuring this out.
    The fog really added to the mood, and the idea of being in a dream world (but this wasn't clear for me at the start).

    The lack of AI didn't bothered me, nor the absence of a story. In dreams, you never know at the start what will happen next. Events can evolve in the progress, and should catch the player by surprise. But sadly, in this case, no surprises whatsoever .

    Didn't had much trouble with the hole. I only needed two jumps. Making this easier would take away the only challenge in the whole mission .

    Playing Dwelling Insanity in this incomplete state, is not something to get excited about. I wonder what the larger version Rustibus was working on had to offer.
    Currently, there are better worked out dream missions available. Like "The Fever", made for the SSR contest (but that's not a calm and gentle experience like this one ).

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    I wish the status screen at the end of the mission didn't say 0 out of 1 (or 2) pockets picked. I spent more time looking for said pockets than I should have.

    Nice fog though.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I have worked on this mission, making it bigger and hopefully making it scarier.

    We'll see if I publish it some day.

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    dml to fix objective not showing

    //Dwelling Insanity: Fix objectives not displaying. File: miss17.mis.dml
       48 [13 108 41]
       22 [0 74 64]
       13 [1- 108 -5]
       31 [2 111 -4]
       18 [16 108 -7]
       20 [19 92 9]
       10 [12 72 67]
       8 [-7 91 64]
    TagBlock "DARKMISS"
     "Mission Pathname" ""
    Last edited by fortuni; 15th Dec 2019 at 14:02.

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    What file name do we use please?

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    Well spotted


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