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Thread: Thief on Linux

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    Thief on Linux

    I installed Mandrake 8.0 in 2002. Now i use 9.0. It is a very intersting OS. Since I've begun typing my works there, i want to have more abilities this OS provides.

    How about running Thief (1 or 2, maybe 3) in Linux Mandrake? Is it possible if i use some emulators (like winex)?


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    The Alchemist
    Thief 1 will run ok, but software only. I've had no luck with Thief 2. Thief 3 should run well, because it's engine is based on the UT2k3 engine, and that game has native linux support out of the box.

    I havent tried in a long time, maybe you can get opengl to work in Thief now. And maybe Thief 2 actually runs...

    Ok I just checked the transgaming forums. Apprently with version 3.1 hardware acceleration works. Great. ^_^.

    Also, Thief 2 works as well.

    Wow, winex has gone far.

    *emerges winex asap*

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    First, the Thief forum would probably be a better place to post this. I have seen some threads on this subject in there, and the consensus seems to be that Thief (1) will work in software mode under Wine in Linux, but Thief 2 is a no go. Thief 3 is unlikely, but who knows? Time will tell. Anyway, do a search for Thief Linux in the Thief General forum and see what you find.

    Apparently I was wrong about Thief 2. See Alchs post above.

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    It is not my idea of posting here, it is sure to be one of the moderators/admins. Thank you for your advice guys.

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    The Alchemist
    I checked and apparently SS2 works with v3.1 of WineX also, just fyi. ^_^

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    Sweet! I saw this post last night, so I emerged winex-cvs - everything works fine!! A bit slow, esp. DromEd, and i had to no-cd crack the thief executable, because otherwise it gave me some sort of error, but regardless, it worked! yay!!! Back to DromEding...
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    A new thread discussing running DarkEngine based games (aka Thief2, SS2 etc) under Linux is here:

    Best wishes,

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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but is it possible (or rather, has anyone done it successfully) to run thief 1 and 2 on ubuntu using Wine ? (and properly? hardware on)

    I read on that System Shock 2 will run in linux (I think ubuntu as well) so i bet thief probably would. Winehq said they support directx, if so, that means thief would run on it well.
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    I think it works with hardware on now, but its slow. Also there are still 2 unresolved issues (cut scenes still don't work, and you have a mouse cursor in the middle of the screen).

    With newer hardware and drivers, I'm still fighting to get it to work on Windows!

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    I can confirm Thief 2 works with the latest Wine, and it is not hardware accelerated (originally thought it was due to improved performance but screenshot comparisons say otherwise), but performance is very good. The latest Cedega also works but is very laggy even @ 640x480.

    The cursor is still an issue in the latest Wine (9.54), however (!!), someone just submitted a patch yesterday which fixes this issue. Patching wine isn't too hard, but it isn't for everyone (download source code, apply patch, compile, install).

    The cutscenes still don't work with either, so I simply edit the config files deleting the path to the movies folder and use mplayer to view the movies when needed.

    Audio acceleration works, but EAX does not. Dual core CPUs are also an issue (just like in Windows), but the workaround with Wine isn't difficult.

    Graphics and performance wise, wine still isn't as good as Windows, but it is very playable on my system (Athlon64 2.0GHz + GF 6800) @ 1024x768.
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    Cool, but I don't see how thief 2 could be running in software mode, as thief 2 doesn't have a software mode.

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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but is it possible to run Thief 1 / 2 under Linux with the New Dark patch without previously named issues (cutscenes and EAX)?

    Have those games good performance now?
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    NewDark works much better than Old Dark under linux.

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    A little more to add about Linux, actually Ubuntu circa 2015 and using the latest version of Wine available at this time. Yes it works with T2 and even fan missions. I was not able to install T2 either off the disks or via TafferPatcher though. I had to make a copy of my patched Windows T2 directory and my T2_Fan_Missions directory and copy to the Ubuntu disk. I then could open the Thief exe using Wine and it worked OK. The screen resolution was wonky at first. I had to play around with Wine's configs to get a nice balance between the windowed T2 and T2 trying to use the entire screen. At 1990*1400 (I think) some of the screen was cut off, because it was widowed and I could not figure out how to make it maximize. The cursor was "owned" by T2, so it could not highlight the upper window bar and allow max. Anyway, after a few minutes of fiddling around, I could get a Linux/Ubuntu/Wine window that was about 90% of the screen and still have a full screen of T2.

    Play was nearly the same as WinXP. I am using a 2 GB Athlon 64 3500 single core box with a NVidia610 2GB GPU. On XP the CPU utilization is 99%. On Ubuntu and Wine it is 35%. No apparent decrease or increase in FPS. Running Interference starts fine and the videos play as they should under Wine.

    Synopsis: In my opinion it is not worth it to build a Ubuntu box just to play T2, but if you want to give up Windows for good, you can play T2 on is via the latest Wine with little to no issues. The caveat is you have to copy a fully installed and patched version from Windows first.

    My #1 issue while trying to install from disks - either original or via Taffer Patcher is it would work just fine for disk 1, then it would prompt for disk 2 I would pop out disk 1 and place in disk two and the installer (either the native T2 or TafferPatcher) would bitch about disk 2 not being present. I tried making images of the disks locally, and many other tricks, but no dice. The work around was to copy an already installed full directory.

    I hope this can help someone. I had some fun futzing around with this and I am kind of proud I actually got it to work.

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    I used Linux Debian from around 2005 until about a year and a half ago. I didn't do much gaming in that time.
    About 18 months back I got a good deal on a new PC and a copy of Win8 thrown in. Have been revisiting a lot of my old games.

    Anyway I purchased the Thief games (1, 2 & 3) when they were released but about a year ago I added Thief Complete to my collection. It was a second hand purchase for a few quid.
    As all 3 games are on a single DVD maybe that will help when it comes to installing on Linux. Do other games that come on 2 or more discs suffer the same problem?

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    I don't have a 2-disc Thief distribution around right now.
    But it might be copying the content of both CDs into the same folder (!) and then burn it onto a single DVD.
    Some software distributions have some files like '_disc_1', '_disc_2' and doing so may actually prevent the nasty dialog to pop up,
    because the installer finds the requested file right away and doesn't need to ask.

    Another thing that *may* work is to delete any file entirely which indicates the disc.

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    Nice to see a thread for Linux users. I recently copied my T2 installation from my windows machine onto my Ubuntu 16.04 based distro. Using Wine, I was able to get T2 to run on my Linux box-the only issue I'm having is the fact I cant see any fog! I'm using a geforce 730 card with the 361 driver installed (the same as I used back in windows). Any tips on how to get the fog back?

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    *BUMP* anyone have any ideas on this? It's not a deal breaker for me-but everything else (including FMsel) works fine, fog is just the last hoop I have to jump through.

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    There's an old and still open bug here. Apparently nothing's happening because they can't get the demo running. Maybe post "yes, it's still an issue" there and point them towards voodoo47's NewDark updated demo?

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