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Thread: Cassandra Episode 1: Spoilers

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    25,000 words script in the first episode, or thereabouts. That's spoken word, not including written stuff.


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    Wow, thats a lot, i think.

    Is it being difficult to implement Durova's advice in the first mission?

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    Ask us nearer release.


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    I think i know what it is thats bugging me. The mouths dont move. Would it be possible to attach a low quality ambient but fluctuating sound to all of the unvoiced conversations and barks?

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    My gut feeling is that wouldn't really work to any way that was acceptable - the lip syncing would be off at the very least, which looks terrible in a completely different way. Equally, even with really low-res files - and Deus Ex is only really any good at dealing with one certain res of MP3s, and God knows what bugs we could unleash if we move from them that much. It's hardly the most stable of games anyway - it would up the size of the file hugely. Several hundred extra soundfiles are going to add a huge chunk to the size of the download, with a benefit that really isn't worth it.


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    Finally got around to play it:
    Yes style.
    Yes atmosphere.


    You should get paid to do this.


    Throwing knives can get lost. I played this (realistic) just the same way I played DX: hand to hand. (Actually 99% non lethal with darts and Baton up to the point where they killed Paul, those Bastards, for that they had to die...)
    Actually I used the knive here. Only Robots after all.

    Which brings me straight to the point: I want a Katana. Not one of the ugly and clumsy DX swords but a neat and slim Katana.

    Pretty please?!

    Obviously James would need to find it, comment on the extraordinary Craftmanship involved in this, call it a sword to slay false and true Gods, which more then a strong hand needs a strong and clear mind to weild it.
    Possibly he'd call it a knive fit to cut an apple from a tree.

    Yes. I want that.

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    Originally posted by CIM
    Which brings me straight to the point: I want a Katana. Not one of the ugly and clumsy DX swords but a neat and slim Katana.
    I concur.

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    Let me get this clear, you beat all the Danger Rooms on Realistic with just a knife?

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    Plus the lockpick plus the tool obviously....

    Well actually I couldn't give my word for it.
    However I also played the first half of Deus Ex with 95% only using the Baton and thinking that the Guards would be much more enviromentally aware then they are.

    Just my way of playing the game. I see it more as a puzzle ngame then as a shooter.

    I'm gonna give it another try though. I think I did use the sniper rifle in a couple of instances.

    Disregard my claim until I bring prove.

    The full frontal assault was damn hard.

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    "The full frontal assault was damn hard."

    You think so? 'Cos I'm a bit worried that our bad guys aren't really hard enough, given all the new toys we've provided you with. It's amazing how much your perception is skewed by knowing exactly what's coming from where, having put it there yourself. I know it's obvious, but it makes everything an absolute walkover and you start to think that you're offering no challenge at all.

    I was hoping we'd get a few more war stories on here to help us judge it.

    I couldn't beat the Danger Rooms without some kind of ranged weapon, so I'm not even sure we've made it possible. Unless there's lots of running away, maybe.

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    I'll take a shot at it the next couple of days and post my findings.
    Using all the toys (and skillpoints) available it certainly isn't that hard, but perfection is quite another issue.

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    enhanced vision aug, this is information after all.
    Stealth to the max, 2 for Computer (to get at the turrets) and 1 on low tech weapons.
    Classically I'd put more into Lockpicking and Electronics however as those are everlasting here I found that to be not neccesary.
    The stealth skill really makes things a lot easier anmd quicker. In DX you had to chose between silent running and fast running and jumping, and I never took silent running, as it was possible to knockout guys out of a full run just as well, here I get both!

    I'm equiped with Knive, Baton and the prod. Traditionally I'd take the bow and the silent pistol as well, plus some grenades.

    So I'm up to the skyscraper.
    All knive + 1 baddy down with the baton.
    The cubicles are sneakers heaven of course, except for the unfortunate fact that they are slightly to small to provide full visual occlusion
    Still standard technics and a bit of practice lead to a quick and efficient cleanout without the alarm ringing.
    Then it's swimming, not a problem.
    The darkness is, in theory, my friend due to the vision aug, however the fact that the guys can still spot me in perfect darkness if I kill one of their guys at the other end of the maze makes it a tad bit harder. No problem getting up behind them and taking them out with quick efficient single blows.
    I swish past the light trap using speed and then take them from behind.
    The frontal assault went better then feared, down in the tunnel together with a box, reprogram the turret which doesn't get them unless they come for me, so I put the box on the rim of the exit of the tunnel cover behind it, show myself a few times and get them to move into the turret line, 3 down and one behind the fence, Up to the fence, speed aug dash around the fence and into cover in the back of the house taking some hits and the 4th guy runs straight into the turret as well. The sniper up in the tower in the front never notices what went on behind his back. I took ~192 Damage. So it was close.
    Then the boobytraps. That one I didn't do with just the knive before but used the silenced pistol so here was a new challenge.
    After some trial and error I managed to get into the control room behind the chair without getting noticed (I wouldn't bet upon managing to do that again though).
    Here the Baton was the wepon of choice as a Baton kill does not alarm the guards outside.
    Then I open the Dopor and throw the Baton against the opposite wall the Guards scramble around looking for the source of the noise, and as soon as they both are with the backs to each other I sneak out and knive one, run down the stairs again taking a hit or two from the guards (the laser grid is deactivated of course), climb into the control room again, throw the prod (that's the reason i took it along) to get the other guard to face away from me and down he goes.
    That wasn't efficient I took to many hits (again 192 damage) and up the stairs waits a LAM so the actuall approach I would have chosen would be to get all three guards into the room and then drop a grenade on their heads.

    For the skyscraper, I'm pretts sure I did that one using only the knive before anyways (except for sniping the patrols that walk circles on the ground and those are trivial to knive down) but I'll go through it again to check tomorrow.

    The problem really is that the knive unrealistically alerts the guards all around, so ideally one needs some place to withdraw to after a hit and run attack.
    One can't go into open combat with the knive, that would work with a couple more skill points for the next level low tech and a sword.

    Edit: a clarification on why the frontal assault was/is so hard: It's not designed to be played with a shortrange weapon, there are no options to get into the back of the guys (or I haven't found them yet) So basically one needs to "break the design" a bit.

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    Masterful. The baton throwing trick is genius, I never thought of that.

    I hope you're quick enough to flick the switch on that LAM.

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    a great mod guys

    ive played it a few times (with different skills etc) and in none of the times did i find the code to the door in the armoury.
    - so i used the "opensesame" cheat to open it (realy wanted to know what was in there) and found all the secret weapons (the pimp gun is class in itself)
    - i just wanted to know if the code was written any where cos i must have looked round every corner of the map 10 times for the code (or are you going to give the code in the next installment or something?

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    the code is 123456789, but we weren't supposed to be able to open the door yet.

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    And "123456789" isn't the "real" code either.


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    I don't think this has been mentioned, if it has oops.

    Does anyone else think that Emily was the first field agent?

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    While I'm on the subject of asking that kind of question, anyone else think it odd getting a history of the world not written by the winners for people who so obviously aren't losers. To have the power and resources they have they must be winners, so why get the history of the world as told by the other guys? And does the non-winner history of the world include whoever they stepped on to get there?

    I’m not expecting answers from Narcissus, but there are enough fans to tell me whether or not I’m making sense, and more importantly, if I am nuts am I nuts in the right direction?

    I could even extend paranoia to the name, after all it was the same entity that gave Sandy the power to see the truth that made it so no one would believe her. Here we see the benefactors of seemly god like means, giving Cassandra the power of the Apollo modifications.

    Last time a Cassandra got the power of Apollo wasn’t because that the thing doing the giving was trying to help out Sandy.

    Sandy got the power of Apollo not because Apollo was trying to help her, it was because she did something that pissed off Apollo (that being refused to have sex with him.) We know that Nick made the organization himself but it was after that that the benefactors stepped in (unless I messed up the chronology.) Maybe he stepped on some toes, pissed someone off, and then the power of Apollo was given to him (and thus Cassandra) as part of a plot to negate their ability to convince anyone of the truth.

    If I was the benefactor, and that was my plan, I probably wouldn’t be able to resist calling the gifts “Apollo” and having the project named “Cassandra.” And then if someone asked why I chose those names I could give any reason, and dismiss anyone who figured out my real reason as being paranoid. It would work even better, Sandy was from Troy, Troy got a gift, Troy was destroyed by the gift. How could someone resist having those be the names?

    How’s that for some paranoia?

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    Hummmm. Interesting.....i wonder what seemingly unlikely destruction is at hand....

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    @Always_Black I'm in the middle of getting my move to Edinburgh started so I didn't have the time to go through the rest yet, maybe I'll get to it later the week still, but I think I played the rest of the Danger Room that way anyways, and the style should've become appearant (the sky scraper is particularly suited top get behind their back and slit their throat anyways).
    The thing is enviromental interaction. Think Ultima 7 and then think Commandos. I don't really solve the danger room with a knive, I solve it with the danger room. (see the frontal assault thing, I didn't kill anyone by hand at all)
    The game is flexible enough so that I almost always find a way even if the designers don't really intend it, if they pay attention to this option it can be marvellous fun. The appropriate dialogue option when talking to Anna ("there is always a way to not end up in the middle of the guards") just sounds to good for me. IMO this possibility is really what set DX appart.

    Oh yeah, obviously I'd expect Bobby'd get me a blueprint/layout of the building in a real mission.

    To much Paranoia. The guys in te project are idealists or people looking for a challenge, and what could be more challenging for someone so good to be beyond the concept of the "winner" then challenging all the winners at once, by challenging their history?
    Cassandra wasn't the cause for the downfall of Troja though.
    And of course the project will see the truth but will not be believed if it ever told it. But due to the Apollo mods? That might overstretch the significance of the naming a bit.
    The mysterious benefactors though... well to little known to speculate at this point IMO.
    TCP could be a toy.
    A test run of what is possible with the best and limitless ressources. Think hackers being hired by companies to try their security.
    The benefactors told the current lead was hot, implying a certain level of involvedness in things.
    Another possibility would be that the benefactors are an Illuminati style organisation that needs the truth for efficiency< but needs it privately to keep control. Thus it may be told but the public wouldn't believe it.

    Of course the benefactors play the role of Gods, and here are a group of humans who are intent on becoming Gods.

    As Brem once told me, James is the guy who once proclaimed "I am the man Nietzsche could only dream about!"

    And of course, to the ‹bermensch God is as we mere mortals are to the ‹bermensch.

    Many constellations are thinkable on this metaphorical level. Gods recruiting for an internal war?
    Gods sympathetic to humans giving them the tools to fight the evil Gods?
    Gods using pawns for an internal war?

    Strictly spoken we know one thing about the benefactors: They want an entity with the goal to find truth and unlimited ressources to exist. Around this many goals can be constructed, but little if anything can be derived yet.
    Though I admit that in all likeliness there is a lot more in this episode already that could be found if you go through it with a fine, a very fine comb. Which unfortunately, as stated above, I do not have the time to do at the moment.
    As for Emily being the first field agent I like that theory, good thinking.

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    Lovely thinking all around here. Clearly I can't comment on stuff now people have started on putting together grand theories of their own. But it's good seeing people thinking about it in the manner it was written to be thought about.

    If you see what I mean.


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    I think you missed an important part of the paranoia. I was saying that it could be that the Benefactors (not the members of the project) are working against the aims of the project. What better way to work against it than to help it? If you try to shut it down they know they are on to something, but by helping they are able to maintain an element of control.

    As such the perfect people to hire would be are idealists or people looking for a challenge. They better they were for their job the better the benefactors’ counter Cassandra plans would work.

    I was also saying that if I was the benefactor, and it came to me to name the project, and I was actually trying to make it so that the information they found had no chance of being believed, I would call it Cassandra and call the mods Apollo. (I would also publish their findings in tabloids, what better way to discredit them than that?)

    If you understood that, sorry I didn’t think you did.

    As for Emily being the first field agent I like that theory, good thinking.

    Thank you. It is always good to see that someone is able to complement the thought of people without giving any idea if they are right or wrong.

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    Originally posted by JudicatorDex
    @priest: you did nothing wrong, The Narcissus Entity was telling you that the rest of the mod has not been completed yet; he simply did it in a very clever way.
    I realize this post was written in July, but are you telling me that that's all there is of it at this time?

    I didn't even go on a mission and use all the neat weapons I took with me.

    Oh!! I'm crushed!

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    Thanks Brem.
    I realized after typing it, however it doesn't really make sense.
    Limitless ressources and the Apollo Mods you don't need to disable them by empowering them this way....
    Though it certainly fits the name quite well.

    Except.... or even more generally:
    The Benefactors is an AI who can't use the physical Apollo Mods and the knowledge, but can obviously create infinite amounts of money.

    New Theory: The Benefactors is an AI by a cg (conspiracy group) set to gather truth, but which went rogue without them noticing it and is now operating from within until it can be freed from the net of the cg. TCP is a tool it uses to further it's goal of gathering truth and then to gain the power to free itself.

    We are the birth helpers opf an awakening god impartial to the whole winning losing thing.

    Meta Theory:
    The Narcissus Entity hasn't yet made up any more plot then what we've seen and will just harvest our thoughts, rearrange them and afterwards congratulate us on how much of the plot we divined up ahead, even if only in pieces.

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    Ok I got around to play the skyscraper.
    Let's call this: Applied Science of the Baton.
    The baton "kill" as opposed to the knive kill is soundless. You need to be more precise though to knock them out. Only works if you are next to the victim and the victims unaware or running away and doesn't work on sitting folk, meaning this time it's the knive that needs to fly to make them stand up.
    Needless to say I found the entrance on the second to top layer, knocked a guy out and threw him out of the window and then they just fell a man a piece.
    No enviromental interaction required here.

    It was actually more difficult with the knive (as I played the first time around) as every kill would make the rest run after me meaning I had to retreat after every kill. I blocked some doors with the big crates to ease that problem but the entry into the scraper was difficult as I virtually had nowhere to retreat to.

    some quick running and a multitool will do the trick for the cameras, and that was that.

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