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Thread: Ultima Underworld problems

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    Ultima Underworld problems

    There are some problems I'm having with
    both Underworlds. These problems came up when I got a new computer, a Pentium
    II 333 mz. I suspect the speed of the computer maybe the culprit, but I'm using
    CPU slowing utilities (I use Mo'slo), but
    it doesn't help.

    1. I can't effectively swim NE, there
    is basically no movement in that direction.
    Land and air movement NE is hindered also,
    but not as severely.
    2. The game is way too fast, even with
    slowing utilities active (I use mo'slo).
    Movement is choppy and erratic at times.
    3. The sound and music is way too soft,
    I can barely hear it even with the speakers
    set to maximum.

    There maybe others that I can't recall.

    Any advice?

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    Alun Bestor

    Neither Underworld should need slowdown utilities at all; they both run off the system clock, which means that in 10 years time they should still be running at the right speed on a pentium 15-2000mhz.

    And these problems only started when you got the new CPU, that is the game used to run fine for you? Check your BIOS settings, it could be that one of those is playing havoc with Underworld.

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    Well I just tried my boot disk for
    dos, and now the sound/music and choppy
    movement problems are pretty much solved.
    But the problem with swimming NE is
    still there... I don't know what would
    be causing this.

    The other problems must have been
    Win 98 probs because I'm now playing
    the game in true dos. Unless somebody
    can find out what causes the NE problem
    I'll have to live with it. It's not
    that major, anyway.

    Thanks for your help

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    I also had a pretty big issue with UW2. I exceeded 47,000 some experience points and my characters carrying capacity when down to 3. It's a huge problem and if only LGS would release the source code.....

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