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Thread: Opinions on Characters?

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    Ah, uh, er, oh, wha, huh? Go blame Bob Page, it's his quote:
    Why look at you, you're just a little man, a little man still inhabiting a weak, mortal body. Lose that body and what are you? Nothing. You flicker and fade. You die.
    - Bob page
    OK, OK, so philosophy isn't my thing. I'm really glad I didn't show you (and the rests of you lot) the CT2 design brief, now that would have been ripping it to pieces for shits and giggles.

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    Well that's why I like the doctor and you don't then

    BTW who actually put the (mostly) proper GFT physics on Jo's blackboard? My little underdeveloped physicist heart was jumping in unrestrained joy upon spotting that.

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    Google did. Bless it's little cotton socks.

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    Oh! Ah! A sudden unexpected burst of rampant activity!!!

    Google... Ah... greatest physicist of our times dare I say!

    Cease the moment dare I say! You understand my need, being a devote Fanboy to this grandious endavour to ask the stereotypical question, just a matter of formality really:
    Is it then that TCP is still under develo[pment? (however slowly?)
    I mean, there are people who care, and both of us are (by the look of things) checking the forum regularly! (every other month or so..).

    Personally I guess what remains is to appreciate the excellent instance of Derrida's notion of a Trace that we can wittness here. Even though there never was (going to be) a game it has left it's footprints, and I don't think I'm exaggerating here, all over the lifes of those whom it touched.
    (i.e that it was walking all over us.)

    A fitting end.


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    Oddly enough, as we speak, Always Black is in New Zealand with a load of game developers doing a presentation about internet-based development, based on our experience with Cassandra.

    On topic, however, never say never. Though I wouldn't hold your breath.

    (Admitedly, you'd have died before the first episode came out if you tried that)

    Your words are, as always, kind and generous. I was surprised we got the first episode out. In fact, we were going to call it day straight after that, though I suggested we actually wait a little before that. Clearly, we found a reason to continue - though AB was now heading the team. And AB still has plans for Cassandra. And, as you note, hopefully other people will look at what we did with the little mod and spin it off in their own directions. On a personal level, Cassandra was the game I wanted to play - and the only reason I made it was because no other fuck was going to.

    But, as I said, never say never.

    Every second remind yourself: The future starts now.


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    Indeed. For both of those who truly care for Cassandra: CIM and Mark Corelli, let their actions and words be the aspiration for all us cynics. I often wake at night, wishing I could get all excited over something rather than just standing on the edge of the crowd being sarcastic.

    Brem_X, Continuing the God theme: Cassandra is very much made in your own image. The female lead who wasn't just there for cheap testosterone-fuelled kicks but actually had character rather than being a Lara Croft clone slash a Lara Croft clone with a pair of fangs glued on and a bottle of red hair dye in a world full of Nazi throats. A nod to NOLF I feel, but a more uncertain/harder character than Miss Archer.

    The constant straining to get away from Deus Ex's flaws: the two-dimensional central characters (from "I'm Russian. Therefore I like to Kill." though "I'm head of the Illuminati with connections to the Knights Templar, therefore… what do you mean they all went to Scotland, went underground and became Freemasons after the French crackdown?" to "Hello. I'm From China. Therefore I'm an idealist commie. Overload the anti-matter reactors, JC."), the constant ogling by grotesque characters to be violent ("I'm Russian. Therefore I like to Kill.") to paladins of virtue for pacifism ("Remember that we're police, stick with the prod."). Except when you defect, in which case the two of you, despite him sounding as if he's on the brink of death (Remember the groan? "It's no worse than a cold…") storm into the lobby of the 'Ton, 5.55mm assault rifles blazing hot death. Unless you're John Walker or me. In which case you slip out the bedroom window and leave him to die (has anyone else on this planet done that? I feel so alone...). Or the continuity holes (once you've defected, no one really seems to care whether you were a shifty, cowardly pacifist or whether you tried so hard to make Gunther look soft and obsolete by throwing LAMs into a station full of NTF, explosives and two hostages without even bothering to try and get in first.)

    But, as with those that eat the fruit of the forbidden Tree of Knowledge, Cassandra knows both good and evil, and it's problems are those of Deus Ex, but taken to the next degree. Deus Ex you really needed to play twice. TCP really needs to be played though at least thrice-fold to see anywhere near all the stuff in that (relatively) small base, and a few more times than that to see how different characters react to several different things. And that's not even the full story, what with your mysterious patrons (very Avengers) and enemies. In DX, you got the entire framework for the plot handed to you in the introduction, making it more accessable ("I'm Page! I'm Pure Evil! Mhaahaahaa!" "Yes. And I'm your cold and calculating sidekick.") allowing you to play 'Where, where, where, where's Walton?' (stare at the page long enough and, oh yes, there he is!).

    But to end like that would be harsh. If TCP does perish, then it would have grown, blossomed for a brief moment and then been trampled underfoot on by forces beyond its control.*

    How Looking Glass that is.

    *Even if those forces were the sheer apathy/laziness/short attention span of its creators.
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    Short attention span? It took fucking years!

    (NB: no actual offense was taken)

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    Well, my fondness for DeusEd and Unreal's modular coding lasted approximately a fortnight, before I realised that I didn't want to tell a story with the player, but rather I wanted to tie them to an office chair with electrical wiring, gag them with duct tape and force them to listen to a pretencious rant performed by badly-sewn glove puppets. My pretencious rant. I just couldn't dumb-down Deus Ex enough. So I crawled back to linearity, begging forgiveness and it rewarded me with Quake II visuals and endless rendering periods everytime I want to load a map.
    Just like old times.

    N.b. How much more off-topic is this thread going to get before I manage to get myself kicked? I think I've insulted every Subroutine of the Narcissus Entity. And a few passers by. And posted massive replies that hardly make any sense whatsoever. And yet still I am denied!

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