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Thread: Where in the heck did the UW3 petition go?

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    Where in the heck did the UW3 petition go?

    Where did the petition that Digital Nightfall was running go? I would like to get more people to sign that, but I can't find it.

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    Marcus T

    It's there on the TTLG site.
    Check the left side under "Hot Items" and you'll find it

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    Speaking of the UW3 petition... does anyone
    know if it is, or will do any good? Is someone going to clean it up and officially present it to Looking Glass?

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    The Ultima franchise is owned by Electronic Arts, so they would have the final say as to whether or not UW3 got made.

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    I know that, but for a petition to do any good it needs to be presented to the people we are petitioning.

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    EA/Origin and Looking Glass Studios are both well aware of this petition, the guy that runs the petition is very closely associated with Looking Glass itself.

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    Mr Croft

    Everybody that hasn't signed the UW3 petition yet... SIGN IT NOW... please.
    Here's a link for ya... just click the link that's on my signiture, the "UW3 petition" part.

    Mr Croft ~ Have you signed the
    Ultima Underworld 3 Petition yet?!
    Oh ya & by the way, "Go raid something."

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    I'm just curious if this petition is catching Looking Glass' attention.
    How many signings will it take to get some action? I know I referred at least a couple hundred people to the site.

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    Marcus T

    Thoric, I believe the petition is known to Looking Glass, the people running the TTLG site is in close contact with both Irrational and Looking Glass Studios.
    Take System Shock 2 for example, it wouldn't exist if it hadn't been for Saam's petition. (A petition he started... I don't know, 2-3 years ago?) I don't think we need to worry about the petition not being known, relax pal

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