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Thread: Does anyone remember this ?

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    Does anyone remember this ?

    One of the most interesting things that happened to me in the UW1/2 world (and there are MANY) is the following. If you remember in UW2 you couldn't cast level 4 + spells in the area you started off in, because of the guardians prescense. I remember i wanted to get into Lord Britishs chest (the one in his room) so badly, so I did the following. Since you couldn't cast 'open' in that world, I went to the world where its all ice. I then cast 'open' and when you cast it, theres only a little icon that pops up, you have to direct it to the chest you wish to open. I then walked all the way back, through the dimension, back to lord britishs room with this icon, and opened his chest. Inside i found the weirdest things, there was an eyeball! I'm not joking, it was all red and bloody, and there was also a note, but for the life of me i can't remember what was on this note, only that it was very scandalous. If anyone remembers, please post because i'm dying to find out. again sorry for the lack of details, my memory of this game escapes me. In ending i'd just like to say that i think uw1/2 were amazing games, and i'd buy a uw3 in a second.


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    I did the same thing... they are like two or three eyeballs in there, and they are the same ones you get from killing those brain creatures. I don't remember what the note said.

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    Yeah, that's one way of getting in there, otherwise you can use the cudgel of opening that you find in the armory

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    There were 3 eyeballs, but no note - a few potions though (I'm in the middle of playing this now, so I'd thought I'd check it out). Still - what's LB DOIN' with those things. Freak...

    You see some spacey twinkles

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