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Thread: T2 FM 'The Diamond' - Jul 2003

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    Maybe that's because this thread is over a year old!
    GAH! You're right! I didn't even notice, being so starved for new FMs, I just blindly tried all the links here without checking the dates

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    Found the key I've been looking for, and I now have one of my very, very few Perfect Thiefs. (Perfect Thief is defined as ghosting a mission and also getting all the loot available.)

    The rest of the loot and the third secret were through that last door I've been unable to open. The key is sitting right on the couch in the room next door!

    Thanks, all.


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    Fix for a secret

    DML1//The Diamond: Fix Secret//miss17.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 415 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" TrigDoorOpen

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    I saw the word "New" in the title and I got excited. Then I saw the release date.

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    It maybe an older mission and one that is often overlooked, but it's quite good and certainly worth checking out. It's not particularly hard, but there a few reasonably well hidden keys that had me frustrated trying to find them, but I do recommend playing on expert as it's too easily beaten on lower difficulties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john9818a View Post
    Then I saw the release date.
    So many early missions didn't include the date in the thread titles so we edit them when we see them.

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    Thanks Nickie I wasn't blaming anyone and I figured this one slipped through the cracks.

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