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Thread: The Greyfeather Gems - Part I: The Shipment (July 6th, 2003)

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    The Greyfeather Gems - Part I: The Shipment (July 6th, 2003)

    I'm very happy to announce that my newest FM, The Shipment, has been released! This is the first part of a three-mission series, called The Greyfeather Gems. Hopefully the other two missions will be released within a reasonable amount of time.

    You can get it from

    A big thankyou to epithumia for hosting the mission.

    Additional links (added by nickie):
    The Circle
    The Keep

    EDIT: If you want to know what you're getting into, go to my site for mission info and screenshots.
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    Oh my, so many FMs getting released lately It's about time the summer holidays start over here, too! Downloading now...

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    Yaaay! I've been looking forward to seeing this one. Thanks, Morrgan!

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    Gone, but never forgotten
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    Downloading now

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    My god...I thought I was going to have to play Return To Na Pali again...thanks for rescuing my sanity!

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    Bleh, too many 56k downloaders on Thief Missions, I can't get it now.

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    Come get it on #thief-fms, Haunt. I have it in my files now.

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    INCREDIBLE mission. I enjoyed it very much. The architecture is especially good. The city isn't boring and one levelled, neither are the interiors. Balanced very good (at least on normal.)
    Infact, there's not much I can say that's bad about it right now. I'll have to play it on higher difficulty levels.

    That whole alley-warehouse-drunk-guy thing had me very confused though

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    You can also download it from here:

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    Ah, this is a very enjoyable city mission; I love those The architecture is great, very three dimensional, as Sarik said. I liked the FM's subplots, and the security system of the bank was quite interesting, too.
    I played the mission on normal, since I wanted to make excessive use of my blackjack, but I'll give it another go on Expert later on.
    Now I'll have to wait for the sequel... any progress yet?

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    Ditto to the architecture and multi-dwelling apartments etc. Hard to beleave that so much was packed in such a small area and yet I never felt claustrophobic while playing the FM.

    The 'drunk' subplot really got me goiing. When I first saw him I was more than happy to knock some sense into him. Soon, however, I was feeling sorry for him when I read the next note; and later on still I wished I had killed him instead (couldn't though since I was playing on EXPERT). Very well done. Only got
    2 out of the 4 secrets so I guess I'll just have to go back in and find them.

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    Excellent Mission! 3 of 4 secrets and only 300 short of total loot. Look forward next mission!

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    Just wanted to thank you for giving me an opportunity to play this first-class offering. I wouldn't think it at all out-of-place if the official Thief 2 trailers included glimpses of this FM.. It just has the proper atmosphere to it (and believe me when I say I'm especially picky about an atmosphere matching or failing to match the Thief universe as I see it), and it's very obvious you spent a lot of time perfecting. I knew right away I was in for a treat: you spent enough time on the txt briefing and write well! Yes, it's true some don't speak/write English as a first language, and some have their own reasons/excuses, but one can't overplay the importance of a well-written introduction and in-game texts (think Purah, Xarax, Banshee, Christine). I hope I am not 'jumping the gun', as I have only been playing for a few minutes, but the architecture and city layout is really good so far! Kudos for taking the time to make excellent LGS-par (auto)maps too! I have such a bad sense of direction and get lost even with the most detailed of maps, so I am relieved someone spent the time on an auto-map! You got it goin' on boy (or girl); I am very much looking forward to the other two in your 'Greyfeather Gems' series. Let's have a cheer for the FM communities newest VIP .

    deadman. (see, Linda, I can do the complimenting thing too !)
    "I cannot see anything admirable in stupidity, injustice and sheer incompetence in high places, and there is too much of all three in the present administration." -M.M.Kaye, The Far Pavilions

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    LOL! Very well said, Deadman. (Morrgan is a lady, by the way.) I haven't played all of the mission yet, what I have played has been excellent. It's very nicely designed and great fun to explore. I'm looking forward to finishing it tomorrow.

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    Downloading Now!

    Geez, I'll never get my own mission done if you guys keep releasing great new missions to play!

    Really, I'm very much looking forward to this one, I remember drooling over the screenshots several months ago.

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    I'll add my voice to the rest:
    Great mission, it does a great job in fitting in with the Thief OM atmosphere. The architecture is well designed, the map was GREAT, not too many AI, not too few, realistic objectives, and I dunno, it just felt like natural Thief. I can't wait for the rest

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    Originally posted by Nightwalker
    (Morrgan is a lady, by the way.)
    A 'lady'? So that means she's out of my league, I guess (only 20)?

    I'm just glad Morrgan decided to include alternate areas to explore (other than the two main objectives). I don't want to say It's annoying, but it's almost peevish when one comes across a beautiful city with only facades of doors and windows and nowhere else to go but their destination. Poo. I hope they weren't taffing us when they said we could explore an entire city district in Thief III.. ^_~ Done in a Grand Theft Auto III style, huh? Must play it to get an idea..

    "I cannot see anything admirable in stupidity, injustice and sheer incompetence in high places, and there is too much of all three in the present administration." -M.M.Kaye, The Far Pavilions

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    great mission, although somehow i have managed to stump myself looking for that last secret, and 1 pickpocket short, wonder who it was since they all still walkin and talkin, 25 short on loot, so either there is 25 in that last pickpocket or 25 left in the secret, nice added bonus obj., great sneaky mission.

    secrets ahead dont look if want to spoil, just want the fourth one.
    secrets i found, 1) secret warehouse, 2) coat hanger, 3) fireplace in manor, any ideas on the fourth, cause if its elizas it didnt count as one?

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    great mission i enjoyed it immensely !

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    Thankyou for the feedback everyone! I'm so glad you like it. I've been nervous all morning at work, waiting for a chance to check this thread.

    Eshaktaar - The second part has the terrain pretty much done and most of the AIs and objectives in place, but gameplay needs a lot of polishing. I've just started on the third part, so that's still so time away.

    deadman - Thankyou for the kind words, especially about the atmosphere. You're right, I spent many months tweaking all the details. I have noticed in other threads that you can critizise (sp?) when needed, so the feedback is much appreciated.

    As for the briefing text, the praise for that should go to Vigil. English is only my third language, so I decided to get help from an English-speaking person to set the right mood from the start. He's also the one who made the maps for me, and in my opinion he did an excellent job indeed!

    wild_inferno9 - About the last secret:
    The fourth one can be found in Lord Carleis' bedroom. EDITED for clarity: by "bedroom" I meant Carleis' whole suite on the top floor.
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    If there's a Thief 4, I would definitley nominate Morrgan to be part of the design

    Awesome architecture, I found it very inspiring! I especially loved the Mechanist

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    Downloading now...judging by the screenshots, this FM should be great fun to play. Thanks Morrgan

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    This mission was wonderful! Great architecture, and I love well laid-out, explorable city missions.I stayed up way too late playing it *grin* I wound up 200 (I believe) short on loot, which is probably in
    the green safe upstairs in the seminary in that horribly difficult room to get into! well perhaps not difficult, but very slow and painstaking, which was difficult due to being tired from being up so late!
    I never could find the key for it...

    Oh, another question:
    Was there only one optional objective? I got the one about the heirloom necklace, just making sure I didn't miss another one!

    Thank you, Morrgan! I'm really looking forward to the next installments.


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    The most excellent mission in a while, very worthy of this place. Thank you for all the hard work and whatever you do, don't stop working on missions now. I'm looking forward o seeing more missions from you in the future.

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    I finally finished tonight with all the secrets but short 25g. of the total loot available. I'll have another go at finding it tomorrow. This is a gem of a mission which is a joy to play! Thanks very much Morrgan and I'll be looking forward to Part 2 when it's ready.

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