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Thread: Upcoming Addon - The Mansion of Quintus (2 FM's)

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    Fantastic! I'm always amazed at the dedication of FM authors. Looking forward to playing this one.

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    Wow, congratulations! Look forward to playing it!

    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    btw, is this a record in Thief history for the longest built mission?
    It will be when they release it, but DCE will have taken 14 years when I release it (assuming it makes it out this year... otherwise, 15).

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    Your perseverance is amazing and commendable!

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    Any screenies?

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    Some serious commitment there! Carry on, and looking forward to the completed missions!

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    Wow! Great news! Good luck with the final leg of your long journey. And I can't wait to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bauler_2 View Post
    13 years have passed now. We were young, with big ideas, lots of time and energy. In the meantime many things have changed in our lives but we never gave up the idea of completing this project of creating a FM that will exceed everything that has ever been done.
    We, Stahri and bauler of TERRA PRO independent software & game development studios have worked very hard over the past 13 years on our dream, although we had to face many setbacks. But it was worth every day for you to wait.

    Now, we are proud to announce that our huge FM project, the QUINTUS trilogy consisting of the two aforementioned missions with huge maps for hours and hours of gameplay as well as an extra mission kindly contributed by our close friend eDno, is almost ready to be released. Only some minor work is to be done and we are happy to pre-announce a release in this year’s autumn.

    Be excited about many details that will set up the gameplay on a new level. Especially a new graphics feature called “the marble world” will set new dimensions in atmosphere and realism.

    Stay tuned for more detailed news, sceenshots etc soon.

    Builder, let my hand strike true. Builder, in the work I do.

    And here we go.

    THE BUILDER himself sent us a sign that it's time to show you a screenshot of our starting area from mission 1.

    We are now in negiotiations with our manager and very close friend eDno if he'll make another trailer. Like Bauler already said we are very close to release our project. Just have a little more patience so we can polish some details and give you the FM you deserve. Tell us and THE BUILDER what you think about our screenshot and stay tuned!

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    Can't wait!

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    wow hope this one finally comes out x

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