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Thread: 3 Screens

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    3 Screens

    Here are 3 pictures of something I've been working on. It's currently unnamed, and a few details have to be put into this part. It'll be awhile until its finished, because I've started school again, and my free time is a bit smaller. Pictures have been brighten. Comments are welcome. (Hope this works...)

    beginning-looks a bit cold out..

    heading down

    down the stairs and looking back.
    A shadow's creeping,
    Ominuos and black, its seeping
    Slowly 'cross a moonlit square of light....

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    From what I've seen, your level's looking good so far.
    What's the story on the mission, may I ask? Unless you
    don't wanna say. But so far, the mission looks really good,
    and the snow looks really cool with the lights all over.

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    Nice. I've always liked snowy cities.
    Purrty snowy city.

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    Pretty good. I wouldn't recommend stringing too many windows together into one brush though (ala shot one).. It seems unrealistic to me when done to the extreme (i.e., more than two at once), but maybe I'm alone in my sentiments. Keep it up .

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    This is Spooky! That 2nd Picture on the 2nd Link looks almost like my Murder In FeatherStone mission. On the slope, left, would be my pub (Cloak & Dagger) and on the right, that would be my Factory! Plus there are Buildings at the bottom too just like in your Screenshot!
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    Foget that, here`s the pic:

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    Wow that is kinda weird! I never did play your mission (the computer that I'm using to build, and have thief2 installed doesn't have the internet connected to it, less distraction)

    I do have a pub but thats the building all the way at the bottom in the second pic, and it also offers a place to stay.

    Yeah I kinda agree with you. I was thinking of changing it the other night. I still have a few details to add, so some of the window textures could change. Thanks for the comment.

    hehehe yeah I like the snowy cities alot aswell, that's why I'm building one.

    DashStatic: Well the story is being revised, for like the 15th time. But what I think I can tell you is this. Garrett is on his way home from somewhere, and ends up in a small city like town called Grimlin. It's been snowing hard for a while now and food transports are having a hard time getting to Grimlin. And since the town relies on trading from other places for food and things, food is quite scarce. Thieves have began to steal what food is around and sell it for very high prices.

    To make matters worst. A new Order has taken up residence in the town, and cause quite a bit of havoc. Guards have been doubled, even trippled in some places. Garrett can't leave till the morning, because the gates have been locked down to try to keep out the wild animals. So Garret passes the time like any good thief would, stealing what he can find. But he has to be careful, with a cerfew also in place the guards won't be quite pleased to see him out and about.

    Keep in mind that this is a very rought outline of where I'm planning on heading. This could very well change as I go on. Thanks for the interest and comment.

    A shadow's creeping,
    Ominuos and black, its seeping
    Slowly 'cross a moonlit square of light....

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