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Thread: The Speed Thief Collection

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    The Speed Thief Collection

    1. Introduction

    In this thread you can find a hopefully complete collection of all information about Speed Thief, a playing mode that has only a single goal: finish either Thief game or mission as fast as possible. All information I could find about any Speed Thief attempts have been included. If you miss any particular information, know about other threads regarding Speed Thief, or want to provide your own mission times (include time, game (TDP/TG/TMA) and difficulty), please tell me.

    1.1 References

    Thief done fast
    Lytha's speed tief run
    Telliamed's speed thief run (TDP) and Spitter's run (TG)
    Luthien's first speed thief run
    Completing TG in less than one hour
    Bafford's (another thread)
    Bafford's (one more thread)
    Speed thief in TDP
    Luthien's Cushy Trumpet mode run
    Another Speed Thief Thread
    The Lost City
    Thief 3 Speedrun
    Thread with several speed runs and videos!
    Speed thief thread in speeddemosarchive
    Videos of TMA runs on expert difficulty by TheStefan and Bentraxx

    1.2 Keywords (for forum search)
    speed thief run hurry haste quick fast record best time one hour hours minute two minutes
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    2. Speed Thief Runs

    2.1 Completed Runs (J, R)

    0:52:19 TG Luthien (K)
    1:15:16 TG Luthien
    1:42:31 TG Spitter
    2:15:59 TG Lytha
    3:05:46 TG Lytha
    3:15:00 TG Luthien (no saving, real time, actual time is less)
    1:26:59 TDP Junkie Doodle (no Training)
    1:58:41 TDP Lytha
    3:12:03 TDP telliamed
    0:44:59 TDP Ace (Bafford's - RtC)
    5:31:22 TDP telliamed (Expert, no Training)
    1:05:58 TMA Luthien
    1:31:15 TDS CannibalK9

    2.2 Thief Gold Run Details

    Lytha's first run

    02:42 A Keeper's Training
    01:32 Lord Bafford's Manor
    06:57 Break from Cragscleft Prison
    04:38 Down into the Bonehoard
    07:32 Assassins
    32:12 Thieves' Guild
    06:25 The Sword
    09:25 The Haunted Cathedral
    47:55 The Mages' Tower
    09:59 The Lost City
    14:47 Song of Caverns
    04:21 Undercover
    10:40 Return to the Cathedral
    04:46 Escape!
    06:40 Strange Bedfellows
    13:07 Maw of Chaos

    Lytha's second run

    02:21 A Keeper's Training
    00:58 Lord Bafford's Manor
    06:36 Break from Cragscleft Prison
    04:08 Down into the Bonehoard
    06:42 Assassins
    18:33 Thieves' Guild
    04:53 The Sword
    07:38 The Haunted Cathedral
    37:40 The Mages' Tower
    03:45 The Lost City
    11:13 Song of Caverns
    04:44 Undercover
    06:43 Return to the Cathedral
    01:52 Escape!
    05:56 Strange Bedfellows
    12:08 Maw of Chaos

    Spitter's run

    02:11 A Keeper's Training
    00:51 Lord Bafford's Manor
    03:55 Break from Cragscleft Prison
    03:43 Down into the Bonehoard
    06:47 Assassins
    09:41 Thieves' Guild
    04:19 The Sword
    05:11 The Haunted Cathedral
    21:49 The Mages' Tower
    06:43 The Lost City
    07:53 Song of the Caverns
    05:07 Undercover
    04:30 Return to the Cathedral
    02:03 Escape!
    05:56 Strange Bedfellows
    11:43 Maw of Chaos

    Luthien's first run

    02:20 A Keeper's Training
    00:53 Lord Bafford's Manor
    04:18 Break from Cragscleft Prison
    03:05 Down into the Bonehoard
    05:24 Assassins
    06:00 Thieves' Guild
    02:49 The Sword
    04:49 The Haunted Cathedral
    15:07 The Mages' Tower
    02:42 The Lost City
    05:55 Song of Caverns
    03:41 Undercover
    02:24 Return to the Cathedral
    01:25 Escape!
    03:03 Strange Bedfellows
    11:13 Maw of Chaos

    Luthien's second run (K)

    01:46 A Keeper's Training
    00:44 Lord Bafford's Manor
    03:35 Break from Cragscleft Prison
    02:39 Down into the Bonehoard
    05:02 Assassins
    04:49 Thieves' Guild
    02:25 The Sword
    02:47 The Haunted Cathedral
    04:41 The Mages' Tower (with keyholing) (K)
    02:04 The Lost City
    04:51 Song of Caverns
    02:51 Undercover
    01:30 Return to the Cathedral (with keyholing) (K)
    01:10 Escape!
    02:44 Strange Bedfellows
    08:31 Maw of Chaos

    2.3 The Dark Project Run Details

    Junkie Doodle's run (no Training)

    16:42 The Lost City
    ~2:00 Escape!
    ~31:00 Lord Bafford's Manor - The Sword
    1:07:45 Lord Bafford's Manor - Escape!
    1:26:59 Total

    Ace's run (incomplete?)

    44:59 Lord Bafford's Manor - Return to the Cathedral

    Lytha's run

    ~19:00 The Lost City

    telliamed's run (expert difficulty)

    10:33 Lord Bafford's Manor
    27:27 Break from Cragscleft Prison
    19:46 Down into the Bonehoard
    16:02 Assassins
    19:20 The Sword
    35:23 The Haunted Cathedral
    30:57 The Lost City
    27:33 Undercover
    52:48 Return to the Cathedral
    39:07 Escape!
    27:54 Strange Bedfellows
    24:27 Maw of Chaos

    2.4 The Metal Age Run Details

    Luthien's run (P, S)

    03:09 Running Interference
    02:52 Shipping, ... and Receiving
    02:35 Framed
    02:18 Ambush!
    02:55 Eavesdropping (with pausing) (P)
    03:33 First City Bank and Trust
    03:16 Blackmail
    07:54 Trace the Courier
    03:26 Trail of Blood
    06:44 Life of the Party
    05:41 Precious Cargo
    03:56 Kidnap
    02:07 Casing the Joint
    03:38 Masks
    11:48 Sabotage at Soulforge (K, S at 8:31)
    1:05:58 Total

    MorbusG's run (no saving, avi-videos)

    03:11 Running Interference
    06:44 Shipping, ... and Receiving
    03:11 Framed
    02:54 Ambush!
    09:33 Eavesdropping (with pausing) (P)
    05:16 First City Bank and Trust
    05:25 Blackmail
    0:33:05 Total (up to Blackmail)

    2.5 Deadly Shadows Run Details

    CannibalK9's run (TDS)

    02:31 Checking Inn - Cashing Out
    06:33 End of the Bloodline
    02:57 The City (1)
    05:13 St. Edgar's Eve
    00:27 The City (2)
    05:53 Into the Pagan Sanctuary
    04:32 The City (3)
    06:45 The House of Widow Moira
    01:40 The City (4)
    05:49 The Sunken Citadel
    00:36 The City (5)
    05:20 Killing Time
    05:54 The City (6)
    04:40 Of Brethren... and Betrayers
    01:36 The City (7)
    13:18 Robbing the Cradle
    07:02 The City (8)
    06:13 Still Life with Blackjack
    03:59 The City (9)
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    3. Mission Records

    3.1 TG and TDP Missions Rankings
    (from TG if not stated otherwise)

    A Keeper's Training

    01:39 Rogston (TDP)
    01:46 Luthien
    01:55 Lt-UnRealL
    02.11 Spitter
    02:08 santaClaws
    02:11 Spitter
    02:21 Lytha

    Lord Bafford's Manor

    00:37 Rogston (TDP 1.14v)
    00:40 michael_
    00:42 Secluded Memory
    00:42 TK
    00:42 Luthien
    00:47 Lt-UnRealL
    00:48 Ace
    00:48 GrueSlayer
    00:51 ACT SMILEY
    00:51 Spitter
    ~0:53 -=V=-
    00:54 scarecrow
    00:56 Haze
    00:58 Lytha
    00:58 Paz
    00:59 comfortably numb
    >0:59 chickenlittle
    01:02 Pointdexter43
    01:03 Junkie Doodle
    01:04 Yenzarill
    01:06 Nethawk
    ~2:00 Tuler
    02:10 ThievingME
    02:52 Iscariot
    ~8:00 Tumbleweed (Lytha style, no saving)
    ~9:00 Burt

    Expert Difficulty:

    01:59 Luthien
    01:59 sumeragi
    >6:00 mopgoblin
    10:33 telliamed (TDP)

    Break from Cragscleft Prison

    02:43 Rogston (TDP 1.14v) (M)
    03:20 Luthien (with two speed potions from the store, Cutty's speech in German which takes mor time)
    03:24 Lt-UnRealL
    03:35 Luthien
    03:55 Spitter
    06:36 Lytha

    Expert Difficulty:

    27:27 telliamed (TDP)

    Down into the Bonehoard

    02:26 Rogston (TDP 1.14v) (M)
    02:39 Luthien
    04:08 Lytha

    Expert Difficulty:

    19:46 telliamed (TDP)


    04:26 Rogston (TDP 1.14v)
    05:02 Luthien (German voice acting which is longer than english)
    06:42 Lytha
    06:47 Spitter

    Expert Difficulty:

    07:54 Lt-UnReaL
    16:02 telliamed (TDP)

    Thieves' Guild

    04:49 Luthien
    09:41 Spitter
    18:33 Lytha

    The Sword

    01:46 Rogston (TDP 1.14v)
    02:25 Luthien
    02:51 Lt-UnRealL
    04:19 Spitter
    04:53 Lytha

    Expert Difficulty:

    19:20 telliamed (TDP)

    The Haunted Cathedral

    02:22 Rogston (TDP 1.14v) (M)
    02:47 Luthien
    05:11 Spitter
    07:38 Lytha

    Expert Difficulty:

    35:23 telliamed (TDP)

    The Lost City


    02:04 Luthien
    02:27 Tw1sT (with two speed potions)
    03:45 Lytha
    06:43 Spitter


    04:59 SaunaChum (TDP 1.14v) (M)
    16:42 Junkie Doodle
    ~19:00 Lytha

    TDP, Expert Difficulty:

    30:57 telliamed

    The Mages' Tower

    04:41 Luthien (with keyholing) (K)
    15:07 Luthien
    21:49 Spitter
    37:40 Lytha

    Song of Caverns

    04:51 Luthien
    07:53 Spitter
    11:13 Lytha



    02:20 SaunaChum (TDP 1.14v)
    02:51 Luthien
    04:21 Lytha
    05:07 Spitter

    TDP, Expert Difficulty:

    27:33 telliamed

    Return to the Cathedral


    01:30 Luthien (with keyholing) (K)
    02:24 Luthien
    04:30 Spitter
    06:43 Lytha
    <5:00 Khamoon


    00:36 SaunaChum (TDP 1.14v, blocking the front doors with a skull)
    00:55 ThievingME (Expert, blocking the front doors with a skull)
    01:34 Nightvision
    01:43 Lytha
    <2:00 Gravel Keeper

    TDP, Expert Difficulty:

    00:55 ThievingME (blocking the front doors with a skull)
    52:48 telliamed


    00:49 Escape! SaunaChum (TDP 1.14v)
    01:10 Luthien
    01:52 Lytha
    ~2:00 Junkie Doodle (TDP)
    02:03 Spitter
    ~5:00 ThievingME

    Expert Difficulty:

    39:07 telliamed (TDP)

    Strange Bedfellows

    02:27 SaunaChum (TDP 1.14v) (M)
    02:44 Luthien
    05:56 Lytha
    05:56 Spitter

    Expert Difficulty:

    27:54 telliamed (TDP)

    Maw of Chaos

    08:31 Luthien (Expert)
    08:31 Rogston (TDP 1.14v)
    10:00 - 11:00 ThievingME
    12:08 Lytha
    12:00 SlyFoxx (Expert)
    13:14 SlyFox (TDP, Expert)

    Expert Difficulty:

    08:31 Luthien (Expert)
    12:00 SlyFoxx
    13:14 SlyFox (TDP, Expert)
    24:27 telliamed (TDP)

    3.2 TMA Missions Rankings

    Running Interference

    02:51 Poesta (v1.07)
    02:56 Luthien (no saving)
    03:07 StragenessDSS (Expert, no saving)
    03:11 MorbusG (no saving)
    03:14 Spitter

    Expert Difficulty:

    02:58 TheStefan
    03:07 StrangenessDSS

    Shipping, ... and Receiving

    01:55 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    02:52 Luthien
    03:08 StrangenessDSS (no saving)
    04:44 MorbusG (no saving)
    08:26 Spitter

    Expert Difficulty:

    06:09 Bentraxx


    02:02 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    02:35 Luthien
    03:11 MorbusG (no saving)

    Expert Difficulty:

    02:28 Bentraxx (exploited a bug)


    02:04 Poesta (v1.07)
    02:18 Luthien
    02:54 MorbusG (no saving)

    Expert Difficulty:

    02:13 TheStefan


    02:55 Luthien (with pausing) (P)
    07:28 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    09:33 MorbusG (no saving)

    Expert Difficulty:

    10:04 TheStefan

    First City Bank and Trust

    01:07 Poesta (v1.07, blast open metal door, not possible in 1.18)
    03:33 Luthien
    05:16 MorbusG (no saving)
    07:04 S_Hole

    Expert Difficulty:

    03:51 TheStefan


    02:16 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    03:16 Luthien
    05:25 MorbusG (no saving)

    Expert Difficulty:

    05:21 TheStefan

    Trace the Courier

    03:27 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    07:54 Luthien

    Expert Difficulty:

    07:54 TheStefan

    Trail of Blood

    03:21 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    03:26 Luthien

    Expert Difficulty:

    03:56 TheStefan

    Life of the Party

    06:42 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    06:44 Luthien

    Expert Difficulty:

    11:49 TheStefan

    Precious Cargo

    04:41 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    05:41 Luthien

    Expert Difficulty:

    08:49 TheStefan


    03:43 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    03:56 Luthien

    Expert Difficulty:

    05:40 TheStefan

    Casing the Joint

    01:06 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    01:56 Luthien (without optional goal)
    02:07 Luthien (with optional goal)

    Expert Difficulty:

    5:22 TheStefan


    03:24 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    03:38 Luthien (without optional goal)

    Sabotage at Soulforge

    11:08 Poesta (M, v1.07)
    11:48 Luthien (K, S at 8:31)
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    4. The Quickest Missions

    00:36 RtC (TDP 1.14v, blocking the front doors w/ skull)
    00:37 Lord Bafford's Manor
    00:49 Escape!
    01:06 Casing the Joint (M)
    01:07 First City Bank and Trust (v1.07)
    01:30 Return to the Cathedral (with keyholing) (K)
    01:39 A Keeper's Training
    01:55 Shipping, ... and Receiving
    01:56 Casing the Joint (without optional goal)
    02:02 Framed (M)
    02:04 The Lost City
    02:04 Ambush!
    02:16 Blackmail (M)
    02:20 Undercover
    02:26 Down into the Bonehoard (M)
    02:27 Strange Bedfellows (M)
    02:43 Break from Cragscleft Prison (M)
    02:47 The Haunted Cathedral (M)
    02:51 Running Interference
    02:55 Eavesdropping (with pausing) (P)
    03:21 Trail of Blood (M)
    03:24 Masks (M)
    03:27 Trace the Courier (v1.07) (M)
    03:43 Kidnap (M)
    04:26 Assassins
    04:41 The Mages' Tower (with keyholing) (K)
    04:42 Precious Cargo (M)
    04:49 Thieves' Guild
    04:51 Song of Caverns
    06:42 Life of the Party (M)
    08:31 Maw of Chaos
    11:08 Sabotage at Soulforge (M)

    Appendix A: Notes on cheats or bug exploits

    Some of the listed mission times were achieved by exploiting certain bugs in the game engine. One may or may not consider these techniques cheating. For my own mission times, all applied techniques are noted in parentheses. For the mission times of others, it is unclear which techniques have been used.

    J - Kangaroo Jumping
    By jumping and jumping again immediately when landing Garrett can accelerate to insane speed in TG and TDP. Unless stated otherwise, it is assumed that everybody playing speed thief uses kangaroo jumping.

    K - Keyholing
    In both games it is possible to lean through some closed doors and hatches and frob objects behind them. This can cut down some mission times dramatically.

    M - Money Run
    A run with all the money from the previous mission with lots of stuff bought from the shop.

    P - Pausing Conversations
    The command console can be opened in game with a keystroke. For example, put "bind p edit_command" in the user.bnd file. In T2, NPC conversations are played in chunks of a couple of seconds. If you pause the game at the beginning of a chunk with the key binding above, the sound chunk continues to play. Hit return on the console before the sound chunk ends. You have heard part of the conversation, but no game time has passed. Repeat this process until the conversation ends. In Eavesdropping this can save more than three minutes game time.

    R - Strafe Running and Jumping
    In both games, Garrett moves a bit faster if the strafe left or right key is held in addition to the run key. Unless stated otherwise, it is assumed that everybody playing speed thief uses strafe running.

    S - Speed Potion Bug
    By accident, I managed to permanently gain the effect of a speed potion. If this could be reproduced reliably, many mission times could be cut down considerably.
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    ... why do you compile those lists? It is not as if we were having a competition or somesuch. At least I had only a competition with meself when I ran twice through Thief Gold.


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    * To have one thread to point to when the topic comes up again.
    * For future reference by myself. It's difficult to find all the Speed Thief related threads in this place.
    * I like statistics
    * Why not?

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    Very well.

    I just think it suggests that this community here was a place held together by some competitive nature. As if people had nothing better to do than to try to win in some sort of contest... ah, I dunno.

    At least that was my impression when I found a thread like this one in some other community's forum, and it was one of the reasons why I did not stick around there for long. Schwanzlängenvergleiche are not one of my favourite hobbies, so to say.

    Ah... nevermind me.

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    The Maw....TDP Platinum

    Expert: 13:14

    I think I could shave off 60-90 seconds but it would be way more dangerous. I liked the pace I kept. Moving fast but not too stupid.

    I guess a BANZAI run might be in order. Might need a lot of reloads.

    I like stats too. I'ts fun to see just how fast things can be done. We have some mighty quick taffers 'round these here parts.

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    i'd love to see some demos of top records
    the record quake video was unbelievable.. perfect coordination

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    Just for a laugh, I tried to record a speed run on Baffords using Fraps, but the problem was that the whole system more or less ground to a halt at 640x480 - whenever I record, my framerate drops to around 10 from 160 and unfortunately Fraps doesn't seem to record properly at 400x300, which gave me a steady 15fps, which was about good enough to get decent times, and throws up errors when I try and play the video I recorded at that setting :S

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    there's a demo record function in thief for that

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    Yes, but the replay function does not work. After a few seconds, it stops replaying and you can take over control. In the many attempts I made to get it working, I replayed a ~45 second demo successfully from start to end only once. :P

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    Well, I successfully recorded a run under a minute (59 seconds)... I'm compressing it up now... I'll put it up in a bit...

    (dont laugh at the mistake at the end - it was at low fps)

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    Originally posted by Luthien
    Yes, but the replay function does not work. After a few seconds, it stops replaying and you can take over control. In the many attempts I made to get it working, I replayed a ~45 second demo successfully from start to end only once. :P
    Yeah, I had much the same problems, and didn't really hassle around with it enough to see if I could get the entire 'demo' to play all the way through . Would it be conceivably possible to play on one computer and record the demo (I guess using fraps?) on one that is networked ? I guess since this one has more processing power I'd have to play Thief on my 333 Mhz machine . Can this program (or any video capturing one) work over a network though?

    You think by now they would've come up with something sophisticated enough so as not to gobble up everything and reduce the framerate to pennies.

    I really wanted to show taffers my "psycho thief" murder run .

    "I cannot see anything admirable in stupidity, injustice and sheer incompetence in high places, and there is too much of all three in the present administration." -M.M.Kaye, The Far Pavilions

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    Impressive times, Luthien. It'll be interesting to see how quickly you can manage Kidnap.
    Responsible for overseeing Studio Trophis projects, Richard's designs are influenced by the best of Japanese console gaming.

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    02:52 Shipping, ... and Receiving
    02:35 Framed

    These are in MINUTES?!

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    Well, according to my plan it should take no more than 3 minutes But then I had to correct my 5 minute estimate for Life of the Party to 10 minutes already.

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    Originally posted by Morpheus
    02:52 Shipping, ... and Receiving
    02:35 Framed

    These are in MINUTES?!
    Of course, minutes. I'm especially happy about the 2:55 for Eavesdropping (the conversation between Truart and Karras takes 5 minutes).

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    Originally posted by Spitter
    It'll be interesting to see how quickly you can manage Kidnap.
    In 3 minutes 56 seconds. Almost a minute more than I hoped
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    I finally completed my T2 speed thief run with 11:48 in Sabotage at Soulforge and a total game time of 1:05:58.

    03:09 Running Interference
    02:52 Shipping, ... and Receiving
    02:35 Framed
    02:18 Ambush!
    02:55 Eavesdropping
    03:33 First City Bank and Trust
    03:16 Blackmail
    07:54 Trace the Courier
    03:26 Trail of Blood
    06:44 Life of the Party
    05:41 Precious Cargo
    03:56 Kidnap
    02:07 Casing the Joint
    03:38 Masks
    11:48 Sabotage at Soulforge

    1:05:58 Total

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    You sir, have way too much time on your hands.

    Go get a dog or something!

    Seriously though, fantastic times!

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    Location: Go is to the fountain.
    I'd bet Garrett is turning in his grave right now.

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    Location: Lost City, Fire Talisman Tower
    A few revisions from my own attempts.

    01:31 - First City Bank and Trust
    03:01 - Trail of Blood
    04:31 - Sabotage at Soulforge

    That oughta get you under an hour easily.
    *Nobody throws me my own sword and says "Run". Nobody. - Benny*

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    Excellent times! You must have found some new shortcuts in all three missions - otherwise I can't explain the huge difference between your results and mine. Would you please enlighten me?

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    a speedpotion bug would be useful here

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