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Thread: Quick Cash fm.

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    Quick Cash fm.

    Hello there,

    I'm in a FM called Quick Cash, I only need to get a total of 500 loot. I have 3xx.
    I found a red key in the cemetary and a tombstone that doesn't behave right
    and a miscolored sarcophagus. The sarcophagus doesn't do anything special
    that I can tell, but the tombstone I can stick arrows into? If I hit it, it will make
    the normal stone sound.

    Small map, no locked doors.. anybody?


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    The loot isn't too hard to find... Have you noticed that when the footlockers are opened, the objects contained by them don't automatically show up in your inventory? You have to lean over them once they're open and pick up the loot manually. This is something I missed at first.

    As far as I recall, the red key, tombstone and sarcophagus don't do anything.

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    I had not noticed that, thank you very much and I have finished the mission.

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    I'm glad you enjoyed playing my first mission,
    but I have to say I'm a little embarrased about this one.
    When I made it last year, it was my first real attempt at
    any kind of game level, and I made a TON of mistakes!
    Hopefully I've improved a little bit since then.

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    I'll say! Your Last Breath was great fun, and Brawl was awesome!

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    The staged fights in your FM's are a blast John D.

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