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Thread: Released: The Gallery v1.2

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    Released: The Gallery v1.2

    Finally, several months after the initial (and fairly well-recieved) release, I'm releasing version 1.2 of The Gallery. It had a bug which prevented the final expert objective from working, but Morrgan has diagnosed and fixed the problem.

    Changes include:

    -more guards added on Expert to increase difficulty, should be much more challenging now, especially to ghost
    -bug preventing compeletion on expert fixed
    -trees and vines added to enhance outdoor scenery
    -a few other small fixes, like some key placements changed

    This should've been much sooner for a minor update like this, but I had had enough dromeding for the time. Anyway, here it is:

    If you find any more bugs, let me know, but I won't be able to respond for about two weeks since I'm leaving on vacation in a few hours. I'll check this when I return for any feedback. Enjoy!

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    Neat mission Porsche944, thanks

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    Uh, you're welcome.

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