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Thread: Deceptive Perceptions II !UPDATE!

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    Deceptive Perceptions II !UPDATE!


    It's about time for a DP2 update.
    At this time DP2 is about the size of "Inverted Manse", maybe a bit larger.
    Most of the architecture it complete, but I still have to refine all the lighting, sound and FX.
    Here's the gameplay so far.
    As told to a "Curious Taffer"

    Curious Taffer:
    So how does DP2 compare with DP1?

    DP2 is alot larger than DP1 and is more like a regular Thief.

    Curious Taffer:
    DP1 was great the first time I played it, but there was no replay value.

    DP2 is quite different, there at least two different cleverly disguised paths Garrett can follow. Each one has a different plot charactors, and might have different endings.

    Curious Taffer:
    Will there be sound FX every time somthing occurs like DP1?

    Sometimes there will be a "shock sound", but in a mission this large a sound for every effect would be silly. The FX will be widely spaced as well, timed to happed when the player least expects it.

    Curious Taffer:
    What else can we expect in DP2?

    Quite a few new FX including a rather simple "lightray" effect around windows.
    And, unlike DP1 where Garrett is actually quite safe, DP2 tries to kill Garrett wherever possible. (don't worry, no unfair "gotcha traps).

    Curious Taffer: Cool, how large is it so far?

    So far it's about 45MB

    Curious Taffer:

    By the way, what the %$#@ are you doing in my house?

    Curious Taffer:
    Sorry, better let ya get back to your shower huh?

    ///Will whips out AR-16 and turns Curious Taffer into a large red puddle///

    I'm not a bad guy, I just play one in real life.

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    Taking a break
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    hee hee

    so why not use a blackjack on the curious taffer? hmmmm, i think you have mixed up your worlds!! or is this a weapon in your mission that i am ignorant of?

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    sounds great so far...

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    Thanks Will! Hooray! I can't wait for this one...

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    Yay! Excellent news, I await thy grand FM sire!

    The Hammerite Imperium Lead
    -Dromed Architecture Tutorial Supreme
    -Voice Actors wanted, lend us thy microphone.

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    Great news! *puts on lobster bib, and drools anxiously*

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    *jumps up and down in chair*

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    ANOTHER DP? I could barely get through the first one without having a heart attack!! You sick, sick bugger...

    Can't wait!!

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    Whens it out?

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    Great news! *Lobster puts on bib, and drools anxiously*

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    What have you got for us Willie ? It's been awhile since I've got a good scare - don't be timid - let us have it !

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    Great news, Will. I thought you had fallen off the face of the Earth.

    If you're planning to use the music I already sent you, and with your expansion of the scope you've come in need of any additional music or sounds, let me know. I can do more...

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