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Thread: T2 FM: Ominous Bequest (8/12/2003 - Gold version 5/15/2008)

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    T2 FM: Ominous Bequest (8/12/2003 - Gold version 5/15/2008)

    After almost a year in the making, my first FM Ominous Bequest has finally found its way to the public. It's for Thief: The Metal Age, and you can get the latest version from
    Here are some alternative download locations:
    The Circle Many thanks to Azrarhn Version 2. Thank you, Taffer_Boy_Elvis
    And don't forget, you can download it from the kind taffers at #thief-fms, if you've got mIRC!

    The mission takes place shortly after the events of Thief: The Dark Project. I won't reveal anything of the plot, let's just say this is basically a manor mission with some twists. Make sure you read everything, because almost all readables contain vital clues that help you progress in the mission.

    Many thanks go to my betatesters:
    Peter Smith
    Albert Conklin

    Special thanks to Peter Smith for his invaluable help to improve the story flow and Griffin for proofreading the FM's texts.

    A big thank you to Jason for hosting my mission.

    Feedback is always welcome

    I hope you enjoy it!
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    I've been waiting for this one for ages, it looks great.

    I'll reinstall Thief 2 especially

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    Congratulations with the release Eshaktaar.
    It was a honor to betatest the fm.

    Everybody, make sure you download this one!

    I have uploaded it on my side, so people can download it from there as well.
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    Excellent ! been waiting for this one , well done Eshaktaar

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    Seems like there are too many people downloading this FM at the moment .

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    Grrrrrrr, it´s for the first time, when i can´t download some mission from, because of full 10 download of another players yet.

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    I guess that's some sort of comfort for me: knowing that I wouldn't be able to download it even if I wasn't at work. Glad to see the mission's been released, Eshaktaar!

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    This is a wonderful mission to play. I had a blast during the betatesting and I know everyone will enjoy it.

    Make sure you read the Darkloader screen, as there are a couple of important tips on there, then go have fun.

    Oh, by the way, I just downloaded it. I'll be on #thief-fms in case anyone wants to download it there from me.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    I've been waiting for this one! I'll DL as soon as possible...

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    I need help...
    im down in the church, no, in the crypt

    there where all the dead family are, i was open the well but how i can open the tunnel after the deat burrick!?

    how i can open the other double door in the church!?
    In the churchbarraks the symbol on the floor, what does it mean!?

    hope u understand my bad german
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    I think the problem in downloading from sites with "waiting lines" formed is not the sites' fault, but that not enough people have made the step to a broadband connection (or have that option). Over a period of about fifteen minutes, all ten of ten possible download slots were filled to download OB, yet only 3 additional downloads had finished in that amount of time. I was able to download this 15.5MB mission in 1 minute 25 seconds. It seems that many others were tying up the line - most likely for about 45 minutes each - with a 56K or slower connection.

    There's nothing like getting in the express line at the grocery store only to be held up by a customer writing a check.

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    Originally posted by flying_hope
    there where all the dead family are, i was open the well but how i can open the tunnel after the deat burrick!?
    Darn... that's a bug that crept in. You shouldn't be able to open the well in the family tomb from the outside. I recommend restarting from a former save point and not opening it, since this can screw up the mission. Sorry about that.
    how i can open the other double door in the church!?
    You need a key, but you won't find it until later in the mission.

    In the churchbarraks the symbol on the floor, what does it mean!?
    It's an upside-down gamma symbol - you'll read about it later on.

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    Not everyone has access to or can afford broadband. I don't think you can expect them to wait to download it just because it will take them a bit longer. Stand in line and take you're turn and everyone will get it downloaded. Has it been sent to the Circle yet? How about The Keep? That would give more options for downloading.

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    Nightwalker is right about that as i'm still on 56k and downloading this FM does take longer to get but I can go outside and do things around the house and come back to check the progress

    Hopefully I will get broadband very soon now and big FMs will take little time to get

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    Taking a break
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    John D. tosses a realistic-looking rubber snake into the room, sending the other taffers fleeing in terror and leaving the once-long download line open for him. Hehe, downloading now!

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    A very cool mission! YEAH! But... i cant find the blackjakc replacement... please gibe me a hint where i can find it.

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    Location: Northbay, Ont. Canada
    for the blackjack replacement look in the
    this is an excellent mission.

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    For every mission released, as soon as I see it and download it myself, I then upload it to the newsgroup Once it is there, there are no lines to wait in and no bandwidth problems.

    If you can use email or this forum, you should have no problem using newsgroups, and its free from most ISPs.
    If you want more info I can start another thread to explain things and answer questions.

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    It's amazing how people whine about not being able to download it, yet the download count keeps going up. Perhaps you'd get what you're after if you'd just wait a few minutes and try again instead of rushing off to complain about it.

    BTW, things are so crowded because there have been several new missions and updates lately. The Enterprise is rather large, and the updated KotP is over 100MB now. It has little to do with dialup users. Since you folks can't see who is downloading what and how fast they are downloading, bashing dialup users is rather pointless.

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    Even if you have to wait or look around, get this mission!

    As another betatester I can tell you this is a fun, challenging, large, beautiful, funny, scary, intense and very enjoyable mission. It's got quite a story so you'll need to pay attention and read and observe.

    Eshaktaar has really put some serious time, thought and effort into this mission, and it shows.



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    This has started in a very nice way. One of the ways into the house is cool. Also the blackjack replacement . Only the objective "get a replacement for your blackjack" doesn't tick off...

    ...never mind. I repeated the part and now it's fine.

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    ok, than another question...

    in the crypt, the dead hammerite tells thats there another way is to go in,
    i was use two stones to open but the there isnt a to come in...

    i was use the hidden but where its open?

    i hang in the crypt tell me what to do!

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    flying_hope, ich habe dir eine PM geschickt

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    A excellent mission from what i have played so far. A good gripping plot/storyline and architecture has been well done. I am playing normal and have 5 objectives out of 10. A few questions though and annoyances. Eshaktaar for the vines on the walls that you
    can climb up
    why not take away the sound physics property so it doesn't sound like you are climbing up a metal ladder? Also
    I wanted to save my fire arrows by melting the ice ball in a fire but that didn't work
    I was not able to take away some of the notes with clues on them which was a bit annoying cause i had to go back and read them.

    Is this mission linear? As in do i have to do certain things in a certain order before i can get certain keys or visit certain areas as i am stuck and there was an area i was going to explore yet left it for later.

    In the Wizards room with the telescope i cut the blue wire which i assumed fed power to protect the scepter and the horn but i still couldn't pick them up. The generator room has no switches either.

    I've found the attic panel but i don't have a key, a similar secret panel is in one of the rooms but no switch found

    Can't get into Captains office who i think i just killed caused he was on the balcony

    The clue about a star been the answer for the 8 switch puzzle i don't get.
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    *pats his roadrunner cable*

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