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    Hi dromeders,

    if you need some loops or songs for your fan mission open this link:

    Loops are in wav format. Most of them are 11k stereo AND mono to save disk space, 3 to 6 average seconds in length.
    Note that if you convert them to mp3 and put them in your fm package, you may experience clicks and pops playing the mission after you install it with Darkloader.

    Songs are in mp3 format 96kbps 44kHz stereo. It's useless to keep a cd quality bitrate. Save space.

    All these loops and songs are my copyrights. Please carefully read the terms of use before you download them.


    Lord Alan
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    Wow,, great looking site, and helpful, too!

    Btw, i don't suppose there's a lengthier version of "Marcha", is there? (from teh fourh loop set) It sounds like the kind of song i can rock out to if it was longer than a second and a half! ::headbangs::

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    I can make a lenghtier one...
    but just to be more precise: what do you mean with lenghtier? "with more notes" or "slower"? Or perharps a combination of both?

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    Yeah, more notes! ^_^

    Though you needn't bother too much, as i don't think i'd beable to use it for my fm.. but i think it would make a cool song =)

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    May I ask what equipment/technique you use to make these sounds? Especially I'd like to know how you made "Example B" from Loops and the eerie "Soprani" from Songs, because those are my favourites (I haven't yet downloaded anything, in case there's more...)

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    Mmmm... these art certainly nice.

    The Hammerite Imperium Lead
    -Dromed Architecture Tutorial Supreme
    -Voice Actors wanted, lend us thy microphone.

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    questions, questions...

    Bravo, Excellente!!

    You have done a beautiful job capturing the sounds of Thief and making them unique. The website is stylistically cool, too. I haven't seen quite the same setup with sounds used in rollovers like that, but then again, I don't get out much either.

    I didn't see a 'Marcha', where was that?

    And are Andrea Aleotti and Lord Alan one and the same?

    thiefsounds is bookmarked

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    oh, nothing special:

    sound card + microphone + soundfonts + midi editor + audio editor + mp3 converter.

    I wrote down a midi track and then converted into wave and edited.

    Should I make a tutorial?

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    thanks to all for the good words.

    I have to pinpoint that I haven't captured any Thief sound. They come from my immagination. I eat music for lunch everyday...

    Andrea Aleotti and Lord Alan are me (see Lord Alan's Fortress). If you want to know more:

    Marcha is a loop contained in the 2nd package. It's a very small loop.

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    It was a figure of that you have taken the essence of Thief and made something new that reminds me of Thief, but it's your creation. (A compliment.)

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    Originally posted by Lord Alan
    Should I make a tutorial?
    If you like to, yes, please do it. Although I have a little experience with the tools mentioned, I'd be glad to get some inspiration on how to use effects etc. to achieve results like this (and where to get the sounds to work with).

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    I probably should have said "the sound" of Thief. That might have made more sense. "The sounds" could imply the actual sounds....

    But, that's neither here nor there. Bottom line is, you've done a great job.

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    how would i use one of these, or my own sound files? i'd like to replace music, and other elements for my fm.

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    Hit Deity,
    I didn't catch your sentence because it was out of my expectations. It's a compliment too great for me.

    I have inserted a page in the site with some hints on how to use the loops.

    Here the text:


    QUICK reference guide on how to START implementing loops in your fm.

    This is the easiest way to do it, and you don't have to create a custom gamesys.
    The purpose of this technique is to substitute some sounds of Mechanists
    machineries that are often unused in FMs.

    - close Dromed and open the Thief 2 directory
    - create a new folder named: snd
    - open the snd folder and create a subfolder named: sfx
    - open the sfx folder and place here the loop file you chose
    - rename it: machlg01.wav
    - open Dromed and open your mission
    - create a marker where you plan to place the looping sound
    - bring up the properties box of this marker and then click:
    - add > A > AmbientHacked
    - in the field 'radius' type in a number with sense
    - in the field 'schema name' type in : m16machL1
    - close the box and enter the game mode to hear the loop
    - copy the snd folder in the folder of your mission

    file names and schemas you can use:
    machlg01.wav --> m16machL1
    machlg02.wav --> m16machL2
    machlg03.wav --> m16machL3
    machlg04.wav --> m16machL4
    machlg05.wav --> m16machL5
    machlg06.wav --> m16machL6
    machlg07.wav --> m16machL7
    machlg08.wav --> m16machL8

    Find other useless schemas if you need those for your fm.
    Read sounds tutorials to learn more.


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    For some reason I was compelled to make machlg04.wav my new ring-tone. Thanks!

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    Wow epic thread necromancy batman.

    That site no long exists and the Way Back Machine doesn't seem to be of help either. Now you've got me curious what machlg04.wav sounds like.

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    Dead link I'm afraid.

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