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Thread: Condition of CD Drive Causes Failure to Read?

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    Condition of CD Drive Causes Failure to Read?

    My old copy of Thief II had some weird problems. I could not install the miss8 file but I recently got a new drive and it works.

    My question is, what affects the cd drive until it can no longer read certain parts of the CD, how does it happen and how it can be prevented.

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    It is entirely possible that the new drive has a better laser than the onld one and is therefore able to read through scratches etc that the old one couldn't.

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    Quality of the laser, stability, etc. My computer CD-ROM drive can reads audio CDs that are scratched so bad my walkman won't even recognize them.

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    Taking better care of your CDs in the future will prevent that from happening. Some CD-ROM drives have problems with some types of CDs, too. I don't know why, exactly, but sometimes it happens.

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    It's also possible to clean a CD drive. There are these special CDs you can get which have small brushes glued to them which will clean off the lens of the laser. You simply put the CD in, it spins, and the brushes clean off the lens. It could be the old one was somewhat dirty.

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    If you're in The States, BB is where I found mine.

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