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Thread: Another Morrowind - UW Mod Update... this one is BIG!

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    Another Morrowind - UW Mod Update... this one is BIG!

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    Hmnn, I didn't realise that terrain in Morrowind is imported from 3d Studio Max . I can't help but be a little skeptical about this.

    Your pics are looking good, b.t.w.

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    Originally posted by twisty:
    Hmnn, I didn't realise that terrain in Morrowind is imported from 3d Studio Max . I can't help but be a little skeptical about this.

    Your pics are looking good, b.t.w.

    Morrowind will ship with a 3D Studio Max Exporter. Morrowind uses the NetImmerse Graphics Engine, which already has a 3DS Max exporter... but Morrowind is an altered version of the NetImmerse engine... so you'll have to use Bethesda's exporter. (Basically a plugin for 3DS Max).

    Once the mesh is converted into NIF format... the Editor that comes with Morrowind is used to Place the Mesh in the Morrowind Game, add NPC's, Quests, Dialog, clutter, etc. etc.

    All work, at this point, is PREP Work in 3D Studio Max. I Hope to have all 8 levels ready for Morrowind BEFORE it's released. Then I can add the "Gaming" aspects with Morrowind's Editor... and Boom! A Stygian Abyss game/location/quest/story (Whatever you choose to call it) exists in Tamriel! It WON'T be a SEPRATE Mod like Half-Life vs. Blue Shift or Opposing Force... it will actually exist in the Morrowind World as another quest to play. Just download the Mod and Play!

    Hope that helps yer confusion,


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    It's true that is a great work, and some textures look terrific (water...*glups*). Anyway it seems to me ... too clean, too cubic, a strange feeling I hadn't in the pixilized original...

    what about some more soft shadows? (although there's already some)

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    Yeah, I know it's too cubic. Heh.

    That will be addressed, I assure you. I don't like it either... but you have to realize that's how the original dungeon was. I will be "enhancing the geometry", so some hallways (Especially cavern and stonefaced textured) won't be so damn SQUARE. Heh! At the same time, I want to keep it as authentic as possible. So I hope I will find a "Good Balance". I also plan to use "Bump Mapping", which will help the more square areas that wont have "geometry enhancements".

    As for the lighting and shadows.... those are just simulated in 3D Studio Max. I won't be importing the level with the lights and torch models. I will be using Morrowind's.

    The reason I rendered those shots with torch models and lighting... was to show off the "mood" that I'm targeting.

    I'm probably not going to release any more shots until after I get the level imported into Morrowind. People are getting confused, as if I already have the game and it's editor... which is impossible, since it's not out yet.

    For any "skeptics" out there, regarding my completion of this project... Let me just say:

    1. I'm not a kid. I'm a 35 y o Systems Engineer.
    2. Let's just say... I have some "unique info" on Morrowind, so that is why I can start working on the project before the game is out.
    3. I have collected WAY more Underworld resources than what TTLG or Stygian Abyss.Com has (Though, I got some from these sites).
    4. I'm dead serious, about completing this project, and completing it with quality. I won't release GARBAGE!



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    ok! my answer was not intended to annoyed you, but you told us the 1st level was finished and I had would like to share my true opinion about your work and how it could be better, rather than ONLY say it's beautiful.

    I truly realize the amount of work, that's why I'm sharing my feelings so you could improve what we're all waiting for!
    With improper perspective correction, the original avoid those strange feelings and it may not deserve it in enhancing geometry (especially in cave) while correcting those former errors

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    I wasn't annoyed.

    As for stating "Level 1 is done"... maybe I should have said "Level 1 is done enough for me to start work on the other levels". Or "Level 1 is done enough for the targeted mood".

    As I bring the other levels up to speed... I will going through them over and over and adding "details" or "Finishing Touches", though a lot of the "Detail" will be done in Morrowind Editor, and NOT 3D Studio Max.

    Though I haven't posted an update this week, due to the Tragedy that's hit the US... As of today, I have ALL 8 Levels in 3D Studio Max using my Textures. So that has been a "buttload" of work since the last posted update. Given that I have all 8 Levels in now... I have a GOOD amount of time to tweak the levels before Morrowind is available!

    A few other good things have happened, this last week, that are related to the mod... but I'll save that info for the next posted update.


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