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Thread: Spike14's Complete DROMED Tutorial Version 1.2 RELEASED!

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    Spike14's Complete DROMED Tutorial Version 1.2 RELEASED!

    Hello fellow DROMEDers!

    I've just released my Complete Tutorial, version 1.2!

    It features corrected mistakes, and about 10 WHOLE NEW SECTIONS!

    Thanks to Ottoj55 for bringing KO objectives to my attention, now, hopefully, people will no longer be confused by these...well, so long as they read my tutorial!

    I also have Kill objectives covered!

    If anyone spots any mistakes, just let me know at:

    And I'll promptly put together a version 1.2.1!

    Enjoy you taffers!

    Here's the URL:

    You can download CompleteTut in a *.zip archive (Word 2000 format), at THIS URL:

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    Thanks Spike!

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    Nicely done.

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