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Thread: The brush limit. I think I've hit it.

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    The brush limit. I think I've hit it.

    I live in the assumption that the Dromed brush limit is about 4000.

    Info_window of Saints and Thieves says I have 4257 brushes. And I have yet lots of city architecture to build.


    I have heard that the info_window count isn't a very reliable one - please, tell me so! I reaallly don't want to start cropping details out, and I still need hundreds (possibly a thousand or more) brushes.


    No, search didn't bring up anything of use.
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    This was written by Mazur: (I copied and pasted when I was afraid to hit the limits )

    Ambient objects; 232
    *Total Brush insertions; 6920 My Durant crapped out around this figure but to be safe I stuck with no more then 6915. This includes all insertions regardless of what operation it is.
    *Room brushes; 700 or so (maybe a tad more but this one I never breached)
    *obj_max 2400 (can be routed using the 'resize_obj_id_space' without quotes) it will allow for obj limit resizing without alteration of the dark.cfg but be warned that it's a one way ticket and you cannot shrink it back.
    *Total Polys; 35,000 or so, but is best to keep around 25,000 or less I'd wager (do report with dump everything and it'll show up in the defualt.rep file)
    *Cells; 26,000 and thereabouts. Sledge reported having a crapout while running optimize as it exceeded not far above that figure. This shows up on your csgmerge window during the optimizations.


    room brushes 999
    terrain brushes 3999
    cells 65535
    objects 2399 (although is a good idea to stop at around 2340 due to objects created in game, like blood splats, zombie corpse bits, multiple arrows from the bowmen/women)
    objectives 30
    lights somewhere near 400 not sure on this one.

    And other things like if you use a lot of torches you use up more objects as a torch consists of three objects not one.

    I hope it helps.....

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    A small correction: it is indeed possible to lower the object maximum after raising it using resize_obj_id_space.

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    resize back down doesn't always work. I would still go with the advice that it's a one way ticket. Counting on sizing the object id space downward is iffy, and if for some freaky reason dromed thinks you've reached the max after sizing up even though you haven't, you're screwed. That's what happened in the Mixed Messages file. Dromed was convinced that there was 4000 out of 4000 objects (don't ask me why it was resized to 4000) and I couldn't proceed. Resizing object id downward failed everytime. After trying everything I could think of but what I finally did, I had to delete all 2100 objects, multibrush the whole mission, import it into a new file, (then the resize downward was successful) portalize it, re-texture the whole stinkin' mission, and replace every stinkin' object. Although resizing downward can work, it's not worth the trouble you can get into. I would consider Mazur's caveat regarding the obj resize as one that should be taken seriously. Never be presumptuous with dromed, it's alive and watching, waiting for you to do something like that.

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    Are these maximums before or after optimization? I'm getting 12000 input polys and about 5000 cells from the optimizer, but the report says I have about 8000 polys and 2000 cells. What counts?

    Ah, and while I'm at it: the report says the mission uses 16MB for animated light maps, which is 92% of the total mission size. Why is that? I don't even have that many lights placed yet - perhaps 20 or 30, with most of them in big outdoors areas.
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