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Thread: Alchemic Allusions

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    Alchemic Allusions

    Damn funniest FM I've played yet! Slightly annoying due to getting stuck at certain spots but damn funny.

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    Okay, okay, you said "funniest yet", but have you played The Ties That Bind yet?

    Now I'm not knocking Komag's comedic genius, but squeaky dwarfish guards? It's just a lawsuit waiting to happen....

    In The Ties That Bind, I poke fun at everyone from Hunky Hammers to Randy Rabbits. Come on, give it a whirl. I'm way edgier than Komag is. You know you're curious.....

    Seriously, Komag's Alchemic Allusions was fun. He knows I'm just picking on him.

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    The Keep for Thief 1 and 2 FMs, Shadowdark for Thief 3 and Dark Mod FMs

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    Hit Diety,

    I have yours but haven't played it yet, but rest assured I will get to it.

    The mini laughing psycho in the prison cell is what really got me. That laugh always slayed me even at normal pitch.

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    I'm up to the second-to-last of the C2 missions. I read through some of the comments on problems entering doorways and getting stuck on architecture. Thankfully, that seems to have been fixed in the revised version I downloaded.

    Nice little mission. I had no trouble locating the armourer and the alchemist, and I did not even explore every nook and cranny in the map.

    Navigating the cramped corridors was a bit tedious.The whole city also felt flat. I like a bit of climbing and a sense of height in a mission. Furthermore, the small size of the guards was funny until I realized I could hit them from very far away - which made things too easy for my taste.

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