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Thread: "The Warrior" birthsign question

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    "The Warrior" birthsign question

    what exactly is "fortify attack 10 pts" ??? Does it mean you are doing 10 pts more damage each hit or just you have an increased chance of hitting your target? peace

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    Fortify Attack effects increase your chance of hitting your opponent in combat (not spells, though)

    From the TES3 : Morrowind manual:
    Fortify Attack Bonus - Raises the target's chance of making a successful attack with a weapon or hand-to-hand attack.
    There we go. Note that you cannot create your own Fortify Attack spells or enchantments, unfortunately (the effect is not available from spellmakers) The Agility stat supposedly determines your likelyhood of a successful hit, as does your skill with the weapon, so using Fortify Agility and Fortify Skill effects might work.


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