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Thread: Ultima: Underworld - Try it again!

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    Ultima: Underworld - Try it again!

    The other night, just for kicks, I loaded Ultima: Underworld to my HD, mainly just to see if it would run in win98.

    It did!

    And I was amazed at once. I realized that there have only been a handful of games since Underworld's release ('93?) that gave the player that high level of immersiveness, interactivity and quality of features and presentation .

    Playing UW made me recall The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Betrayal At Krondor as well, two other incredible "3D" rpg's that are $10 bin fodder (or worse) these days. What a shame that we're told that it isn't cool unless it's new.

    I'll be playing Underworld again for a while, while everyone else grumbles about the sorry state of 3D rpg's these days.

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    Betrayal at Krondor is available almost everywhere. I think Sierra(dynamix?) released it on a PCGamer CD as a promotion to the sequel, Betrayal at Antara. (which is, from what I heard, nowhere as good as the first)


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    The original 1993 version of Betrayal At Krondor, the distinguished rpg, IS available free from Sierra. (10mb)
    [However, this is not the final release and it's a bit buggy.]

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