Greetings indeed!

I hope someone reads this forum and is able to help me. I downloaded Terra Nova CD-Rip version from the Underdogs. The file is a 53.6 MB zip. I unzipped it into a temporary folder e:\temp. It contained about thirty arjs, one of them was tnova.arj, others were tnova.a01, tnova.a02, etc. I used ARJ dos program to extract (arj x -v -y e:\temp\tnova.arj) them into d:\terran. It seemed to do it well. Now the real problem: I can't get the sound working! I've got System Shock CD rip which works perfectly with all the sounds in DOS. I've got an IBM Thinkpad Laptop with 350 MHz processor. System Shock works with Sound Blaster Pro option and it auto-detects the settings. I'm not sure about the irq, dma, and the port. I think they are irq=7, dma=1, and port=220. However, when setting up the sound in Terra Nova, auto-detect as well as manual detect fails. What's up with that?

I'm out of ideas. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. Don't rant me about those CD-Rip versions. You can't find those games in shops anymore