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Thread: My TN setup won't detect my soundcard..

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    My TN setup won't detect my soundcard..

    I got the game from,
    (In any other case I wouldn't endorse ware-eing of any kind but as I could not find a copy of the game in any store in my country and my phobia for mail-ordering over the net proved to get the best of me, so I aqcuired the via that infamous abandonware site, it's no excuse but an explanation. Sigh.. )
    that version of the game does have sound but not the videos, I could get the actual game to work, no problem there, but when I try to run the setup to get the sounds working the setup program won't detect my soundcard (Soundblaster 16), this sucks for obvious reasons, you don't hear your squadmates and so on..
    As far as I know the drivers for my soundcard loads properly when I boot DOS (A220 D1 I5) I've modified my config.sys and autoexec.bat to see to that, I also noticed that I could force config TN by editing the tn.cfg but since I do not know what the some of the values stand for I can't accomplish anything through there. Any suggestions? Has anyone alse experienced the same thing with the underdog version?
    Should I just give in and eat a bullet for (probably) breaking copyright law by downloading the game? Does any of this make any sense? Am I drunk?
    So many questions so few answers..

    (My System Shock works just fine with sounds and all on my Pc, but that could be because it's a more legal copy of the game.)

    (The little I've seen of the game seems awesome btw, "Jesus is it really made five years ago?" is the thought that keeps popping into my head, some of the stuff done in the game is truly unique and few (almost none) of the games today have even half of the simple but extremly potent innovetions that are in TN)

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    UhOh... the more I look at it the more it seems like an amputated version of Terra Nova, goddamnit, now it looks like I need to be a magician to get my hands on a working copy of it...

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    If Shock is detecting the SB16, at least it should be functioning properly. TN really ought to be able to find it too :/

    Are you running both games from the same OS? (Windows? Booting to DOS?)

    Is it a real SB16 or an emulated one? (e.g. SB Live)

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    I'm running it both from windows dos-prompt and booted dos (with subsequent and needed drivers loaded through the autoexec and config.sys)
    The problem as I see it is that the rip version I have is screwed up somehow, instead of the movies missing it's actually the sounds that are missing even though the site that I downloaded it from stated otherwise..
    The entire \sounds archive is missing, which sucks because it contains pretty much everything needed top get somekind of audio working.
    I checked what the rip-zip-arj was supposed to contain and to my dissappointment I saw that the sounds archive did not ship with the rip..

    (And the soundcard I have is a real SB16.)

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    Well I stole the sound folder from the second terra nova demo, and now I got at least a mojority of sounds & FX working, I even took the intro videos..
    But I still don't have the speech folder..

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    Well at least you confirmed everything was in working order... I'll try to remember to check on the size of the sound/speech directories when I get home; it might be feasible to send them to you.

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    Mmmm... Now I'm a happy little camper in a PBA, ahhh..

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    Well, here are the approximate sizes of the major directories on the CD...

    43 MB DATA
    53 MB MAPS
    442 MB MOVIE
    1.5 MB SOUND
    67 MB SPEECH

    I'll happily send you the full sound directory in case it differs from your own, but sending the speech directory isn't going to be a happening thing, methinks :/ It compresses down to 48MB zipped, but that's still an awful lot.

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    No need to, I'm fine with it as it is.

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